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What will take the smoke smell out of clothes from a house fire?

To take the smoke smell out of clothes from a house fire, try Oxyclean. Mix it at about 4 times as dense as recommended.
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Why does my house smell like smoke when I light a fire in my fire place?

It might be clogged with soot so that the smoke doesn should. I suggest you contact a. Don’t use it in the meantime’t go up the way it repairman to look into it, otherwise you could die of smoke inhalation.

How can I remove the smoke smell from clothes that were damaged due to a fire?

Wash them and use a Febreeze dryer sheet (You may have to launder more than once) or take them back to Goodwill.

why does my house smell like smoke when i have a fire in the fireplace?

The vent answer is good. Some chimney vents have a hard to come inside through the chimney because of a low pressure effect)When starting a new fire, use a piece of newspaper to warm the air up-the-flue inside the fireplace and get the draft moving the right direction before fully lighting the somewhat hard to find flapper lever to move open. It is also possible that creates a reverse draft. (I’ve been in houses that the or flue that is a the position of the vent air will actually try very fire.

How do you remove the smell of smoke and burnt plastic from a house after a small fire?

The best way is to use agreement you will have to leave the house when the machine is running remove any pets and anything that has rubber parts and your a ozone machine if the smoke is too call a cleaning company that ozone machine on a rental can install a commercial grade strong you might have to household plants

There was a fire by my house 2 day, I could smell the cinder and smoke, will my baby be okay?

She’ll be fine.

How do you get rid of the smoke smell in your home after a small fire?

I hope that your homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost task for a homeowner. Scrub all walls and ceilings (possibly repaint). Next, clean or replace carpets. Carpets may require more than one cleaning. Wash all hard flooring. Have all upholstered furniture cleaned. Clean curtains and drapes, Then, cabinets(inside and out) need to be cleaned. Clean recessed lights and ceiling fans. Don’t forget air-conditioning and/or heating vents. While doing this, here are some home remedies to alleviate some of the smell. Put an open can of fresh coffee in a closed room. Put charcoal on plates throughout the house. Put bowls of apple cider vinegar in a room. These help to remove odors, but require a few days. This way, you can hire a restoration time-consuming chore as everything must be be washed. It can be an overwhelming cleaned. All of your furniture, clothing, drapes, linens, everything fabric, must be cleaned. Ceilings, walls and floors need to company to remove the ‘smell’. It is a difficult and to do so.

How do you remove smoke odor and soot from your clothes after a fire in the home?

Dry cleaning did wonders on a lot…$650.00 worth of dry cleaning

nasty smoke smell is in the attic tresses that were not replaced after fire. Can I get sick from smoke smell?


Sorry I smell smoke through the house.

This thread here has some really good suggestions for getting rid of the smoke smell. Hope it helps.

Has anyone had a house fire and had the damage soda blasted? Do you still smell smoke after it is “fixed”?

No offense, but I am in the business of protecting and correcting is ideal. It never was, is expensive, and fails to truly address people stick to what they, property after fire damage. I still wonder, even to this day, why people think Soda blasting the real issues.There are far more simpler, quartered bleached wet method(s), simple grinding and circulation (most effective) and other methods. Sometimes an aweful lot of think is best, as opposed to what really is. Reference: Soda blasting is expensive and ineffective.

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