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What would cause a car to make a really loud puttering noise and shake? ~blh&deb&mjb~

A broken weld in the exhaust system or any loose components may cause the noise and shaking in your car. Try to check where the noise is coming from.
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How many of your car engines make a loud wailin’ noise when ya reverse yer car?

all cars make an odd noise of gear used when going going backwards it something to do with a different type backwards it’s straight cut where normal gears are helical

Loud screech noise from a belt happens when I start the car.

Auto Zone will look at it for free.and tell you what it is

My car make a loud noise coming from the engine What is it?

EVERY time you drive your car your car, without hearing the noise or on the freeway ?Geez, after the first time i mechanic. You can be doing some serious on the internet to tell would have taken to a damage !seriously,, how would you expect someone you what is wrong with looking under the hood ? Reference: life

My daughters car makes a loud noise out of park and wont move

It is the transmission. The teeth are bad might of come loose, small rock got up there , washer for the car.and from 800-2000$

Why does my car make loud noise when turning corners?

Does it do it to one side and not the other? Sounds like you might have a bad hub bearing. Reference: 15 yr exp ASE Cert Master Technician

my car window got busted out, why did it make such a loud noise?

I don’t know if this will help.It kinda depends on what the surrounding are I believe as to what it will sound much.But when my boyfriend’s windshield got busted out (it was with a bat) it sounded like a gun dumpster with a bat.Then when my driver window got) it went straight through and shot, or like someone hitting the broken out (was with a crow bar, and the window had tint didn’t even shatter.Barely made any noise at all like.

AC in car stopped working along with a bad smell and loud noise from ac area under hood.

Have it towed to service shop.Do not drive it.

What could be causing my car to make a whirring or loud humming noise?

Your battery is weak. Starting the car uses all the amps and the alternator battery in a low amp battery charges. Try having the battery checked is straining to recharge the state. It soon disappears when the a local parts store. Most of the time the service is free.

What causes my Dell laptop to freeze and make a loud noise?

I had recently bought a new work late and opened my computer for working. But, I was shocked to see an error message on my computer screen. I had decided to install Windows XP permanently on my computer as I trusted on it and was impressed by its functionality and features. But the trial period had expired. So I tried to install the registered Windows XP os on my Dell computer. While trying to install my Windows XP, I received a Stop 0x0000000A Error. I failed to understand, why this error had occurred, as I had religiously followed the required installation steps. I didn’t found any technical issue with my Dell Inspiron either. Still, I was facing the error. Computers have become the biggest companion of man today. Life without computer is hard to even imagine. Schools, Colleges, Corporate, Businesses, Homes, everywhere, computers have set up their own regime. Further, with the advancement in technology, even the computers have enhanced their features and functionality. Due to their advanced designs and technologies used, people prefer branded computers for their use. Dell is one amongst the leading computer IT brands, known for its advanced features and eye catching designs of notebooks and desktops, which are manufactured using latest technologies. But as it is said, nothing is perfect; in spite of the use of advanced hardware and software configuration, you may come across with some technical issue with your Dell computer. But the response rate from Dell Support Center is very low; hence it is a wise step to take help from some private tech support. Improper installation of software, outdated drivers, file corruption, virus attacks, software driver conflicts, etc., are some of the common issues you may encounter with Dell Inspiron 1525 PC Notebook with the trial pack of XP broke down, I was shocked. Actually, I had to complete my for my work. I had got it installed Windows XP operating system. But, last week when my Windows project at its earliest. So I had decided to your Dell computer.

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