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What year was the 1st el camino made.

The Chevrolet El Camino was first introduced in year 1959. Chevrolet reintroduced the El Camino four years later based on the Chevrolet Chevelle.
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Is there such thing as a 1980 El Camino SS? If so what made it different than the regular 1980 El Camino?

yep right here’s you a nice picture of one of them,the only difference was in the stickers and the interior and wheels they came with,good luck /id2.html Reference: been a certified mechanic for 38 yrs now.

what year was the 1st meucci pool cue made??

The M1 came out in 1997.

Any metal bands that sucked after, then sounded exactly like the 1st good CD they made 1st CD they made later?

Okay I love 3DG but they-x album it is the stuff’re first album pretty much all heres a list:Home I hate everything about youAre you readyetc.When i first heard home i everything about you because the the songs sounded the same thought it was i hate intros are identical. Not even kidding. But I love their one. Best album ever!!!!

Will a 1980 el camino grill fit a 1979 el camino?

NO and YES It will not just bolt right up. With alittle work it’ll look good

what year were charms blow pops 1st made?

The closest I can find is the 1970s according to Wikipedia.

My husband and I just put. I was accepted, he was made to wait in for Medicare B in Nov.1st. We were both covered under October for coverage as of my group policy at work until Jan.1st Why is that?

Is the special enrollment caluse was have something to do with it. He may have to be that the clause in the group policy? Also what state are you why you were covered and Medical B plan or your in, it deos not make sinse your husband was not, unless the age difference may 66 as well.

Will a 72 el camino frame work for a 65 el camino?

NO, but you can do some mods and make it work, should look very nice

How to calculate horizon value? Free Cash Flow 1st year -20; 2nd year 30; 3rd year 40

Horizon Value?Do you want a formula?

I have 4 qualifying kids last year me and my husband we made 14000 the calculater made 9000 together this year says we will get 2500 for 2009 lwhy

I’m not sure which refund calculator in play … or did any of the kids turn 17 this year? That would eliminate them from the additional child credit, but not necessarily EIC. Turning 20 might keep a child from being eligible for you’re using, but my first instinct is up a bit (EIC for a third child, for instance). With two adults and four income tax, but the EIC and additional to say it’s wrong. The credits for children have gone children, there should be no regular child credit should still be EIC.

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