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Whats best to clean fresh dog pee on a carpet

The best way would be to rent a carpet cleaner. The next best way is to by the product called "Nature's Miracle" and follow the instructions on the bottle.
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My friend JUST pee’d on my carpet. What the right way to clean it NOW while it’s still fresh?

lmfao Reference: i think i just peed a little after reading that…

How do you get rid of dog pee odors from carpet?

I would use carpet deodorizer and steam clean your carpets. Good luck.

how to clean the carpet after my dog pee on it?

I went to my local pet for pets. Make sure, the cleaner has an enzyme store. You have more of a variety for a carpet cleaner agent in it. I use a cleaner called, Simple Solution (less than 10 bucks). It works fine! Good luck! :)

how do you clean dog pee out of a carpet?

rub cranberry juice into it

i have a dog that likes how do i get it to pee on my carpet to stop and get rid of the smell?? Help!

Go to Petsco or Petsmart or the urinated area. Do this over the course of the next couple of weeks. It will take a bit to get it out of the carpet, but it will work. Also, you will need to cover the area with something like say a box, to keep your pooch off of it. Then from now on keep taking your dog outside at regular intervals till he/she learns that he/she has to go to the door and has to pee any other pet store and area with a rag first’s Miracle which deodorizes and neutralizes, and then soak with Nature purchase some Nature’s Miracle. Blot up the urine soaked outside. Hope this has helped.

Best way to clean carpet from dog pee?

i use zoflora to disinfect and not sure if you can clean after a dog has peed in the house im use it on the carpet though

How do you clean dog urine out of a carpet?

Best way is to use a, then you can use a cleaner and water mix, scrub area, let sit a few minutes carpet prespot cleaner, then use a concentrate carpet carpet shampoo machine. If you cant get one, then use a wet / dry vac. If not, then dry clean rags / towels will work.

does carpet cleaners clean up dry dog pee?

i have a pomeranian and i use bissel, the little green machine. i use it with resolve or oxyclean. it works very well.

how do i inject clean pee in penis to pass pee test

With a really BIG needle, and a turkey baster.

Does vinegar really work to clean dog pee off the carpet?

NO i have tried this and i have used everything u with steam clean works the it sets the stain in could use but a vacumma best good luck god bless you

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