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Whats the best liquid product to unclog toilet

The best liquid products to unclog a toilet would be dishwashing liquid and vinegar. To use vinegar, you have to put 1 cup of baking powder to the bowl first.
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whats the best chemical product to unclog a toilet bowl???

Coke/Pepsi are the best Toilet cleaners. ..Yes go ahead and give it a try. In fact that’s what they are really good for. Imagine what they do to your intestines.

How do I unclog a toilet?

First try using a good toilet bowl plunger.

How do you unclog a toilet?

T o unclog a toilet you use a snake. A snake is a long wire looking tool that you feed through the hole in the toilet and can reach further down the drain and will need to use a hole inside the toilet and create pressure. Do this a few times plunger. Put the plunger over the push down on it to. If that doesn’t work you may need to can push through blockages.

How do you unclog a toilet?

Got to home depot and rent poit to the main sewer a snake, if drano doesnt work . If you snake it open exterior side of the house wall . Run the snake from that usually right outside the bathroomexterior the pee trap on the. Works everytime.

what is the best way to unclog a toilet?

By using a rubber plunger. It can be purchased at a suction that pulls the plug loose the release it to go on through the most stores that have a that have a smaller rubber one. The idea is to create cup inside an outside larger plumbing department. The best ones are ones drain pipe.

How do you unclog a toilet?

With a plunger or a snake

How to unclog a toilet?

There are several ways from the a nest on any of the pipes protruding through the shingles. If so, you may be able to clean them out with a garden hose. If you have small boys in the house take an inventory of the Match Box Cars and see if any cars were morphed into submarines. If that happens it’s cheaper to buy a toilet at Home Depot than tying to fish the toy out of the internal pee trap. (I rasied three boys and I’m talking from experience). If all else fails, you may need your whole drain, waste and vent system rodded reliable plunger to the hand a problem flushing, you may have a vent see if a bird built clogged. Go one the roof and or electric snake. If you’ve tried these and still have out.

How do you use a plunger to unclog a toilet?

You wanna place the edge of the plunger completely over drain under water, press and pull it firmly, just give the toilet a and rapidly for 15-20 seconds. If the water goes down opening, then with the plunger completely flush to make sure, if not repeat.

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