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Whats the best way 2 get scratches out of cds and dvds

To clean cds, put your disk into a cleaning device and spray included solution on the disk, close the device, turn on device to clean.
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My Macbook Pro reads bought CDs and DVDs but won’t burn either DVDs or CDs or read burnt CDs or DVDs?

Get in touch with a Mac forum on the Mac website,it is magic

whats the best way to get rid of scratches on your dvds?

You cannot get rid of scratches onto your DVD what actually happens is that you replace the scratch with a lot of tiny scratches. While the DVD will look a lot better, it is actually detrimental to the quality of the DVD. The scratches reduce the returned intensity of the laser that reads the data off of the DVD making it harder to read the data. When you think about how a DVD’s data is stored in tracks that are only a few microns apart and that the actual data is reconstructed from phase differences that are a millionth of a second apart you might get an idea of how easy it is to disturb it.May I also add that physically the data on a DVD lies closer to the label side than it does to the clear side. As such, any damage that happens on the label side is actually worse than scratches on the on your DVD’s. The best thing to do a new DVD as soon some detergent and rub it as possible.When you use a cloth and is copy your data onto clear side.

how do i9 get scratches out of my cds and dvds?

i found out if you run ur cd under water and put it in the freezer it works and my niece told me chapstick works

My Pioneer DVD-RW (DVR-111D) is not reading cds. It reads dvds fine, but cds aren’t working. Help???

Did you try using different blank CD? Try re-installing the driver. If that one didn’t work, drive might be bad.

my windows xp will write to my cds but says my dvds are urwritable cds. why not? how to?


DVDs, CDs, Have you ever used mayonnaise to repair scratches?

never heard of that – but i have heard toothpaste will work – i’ve never tried either method – i just try to keep my discs scratch free

Would it not be a better idea to put CDs and DVDs …

Most people are not delicate with them to be.As  Theft is another issue; retailers want items to be their possessions, and discs are not as durable as the industry marketed as difficult as possible to stick in your pockets.

Is there anything around the house that can be used to get scratches off cds/dvds/games ?

they sell bottles of stuff that do that now some for less than $10 very good deal if a game/dvd/cd breaks instead of buying a new one Reference: have it

What’s the best way of fixing scratched CDs/DVDs?

According to an article on Slashdot, a light coating of hair gel.

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