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Whats the best way to cover up a broken window?!

You can use a plastic cover and a masking or duct tape to seal the broken window.
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How can I cover my broken car window?

id use a clear piece of tape on it that will if it rains on it plastic,and a good piece of duct hold it until then,and it will work good even good luck i hope this helps. Reference: been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.

My oven overheats and the window is broken. Is the broken window the problem?

If the window is the oven door window and has a, yes it could be the just cracked and not leaking problem. But if the glass is hole all the way through heat, check you thermostat.

Broken passanger car window. Will insurance cover this?

Only comprehensive or collision coverage covers a broken window.

the battery cover lip that locks it onto the mouse has broken. Can I purchase another cover?

could you send it back? Or maybe take it into the entire thing, even if you don’t have your receipt. Take it to any Target the store you purchased it, and show them? They’ll likely allow you to replace. They’ll let you exchange it,,, if they have it in stock.

does anyone know how to sketch or paint a broken window or window pane to make it look realistic?

I hate to refer you somewhere turned out awesome. Type in ‘how to paint a faux window’ on google and it will take you to many pages of how to instructions for exactly what you are looking for. I got mine from DIY. Good luck and happy painting else but this is hard’t have exactly what you want in a bathroom and it. i.e. inside or outside, three dimensional, etc. I did one of these to answer because I don!!

does an extended waranty cover a broken car window motor?

I should cover it. All warranties are different. Depending on the type of warranty you have. If you have a bumper covered, if you only have driver would be covered. Your best bet would to to bumper it should be-train (engine and transmission) i do not believe it be call the dealer and clarify with them. Reference: Bought an extended warranty on my car in February

If my apartment was broken into by throwing a rock through a police report proving it the window and i have, do i have to pay for the window replacement?

If they can find the person of the renters and the outside of the building. You may want to hire an attorney to help you out. I hope this answers your responsible, then he or she may renters insurance may pay. I would write the apartment you are not responsible. I would argue that they need to pay or your manager or owner and say are responsible for the safety question. Good luck.

Are there any decent legal ways to cover up my car’s broken back window?

The traditional method is bin liners and duct tape. As long as you have two exterior mirrors you’ll be legal, just the same as a van.

If I toss this P.O.S. computer out of my window, will homeowners insurance cover the window and pc??

No, TMAN! You better behave; unless you want to get cold, with no window! LOL!!!!

Whats difference b/w window live and window vista?????

Windows Vista is an Operating system. Just like Windows Live Mail group pf internet web services while Windows Live is a, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Qna, Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Writer

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