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What’s the best way to kill mold?

A product that works really well is Tilex mold killer. Spray on mold & you don't even need to scrub.
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How can you kill mold (it is not toxic black mold)? I have heard that bleach will not kill it…?

You need to get a fungicide.

Does ozone kill mold?

It might help clean the air but , srops short of killing it pass thru it. best if you have mold in , then install a good airfilter the house , clean it as best possible , except the stray particles that , in your a/c unit (hopefully a central)not the cheapy fibbeglass ones, but the gauze/cotton ones

Does chlorine bleach kill mold?

Yes, it’s bleach it destroys all.

If certain products “kill” mold, but the mold is STILL on the walls, can dead mold still harm you?

Yes it is still dangerous. Bleach only makes the stain mold is a living breathing organism that lives by way of reproducing by mold spores. By the time the mold is visible you could have hundreds of thousands of mold spores in the air. This is what people are allergic to. All it takes is for one of these spores to land on a food source, left alone, add moisture and you got mold. The best way and the only recommended way to remove mold is by physical removal. This means you will need to remove whatever has mold on it. If this is not possible remove the mold by lightly wiping the surface down. Dead molds put mycotoxins and are just as dangerous and in some cases more dangerous invisible. Mold got there from a the mold if you have the mold is guaranteed to moisture source. Even if you clean up not addressed the moisture problem return. You got to remember that. Reference: I am a certified microbial remediator.

How to kill mold on interior walls? It has been scrubbed and painted over now blistering paint w/ mold behind.

We had mold growing around the paint, it will probably ruin the paint job when you put the bleach on it. After you get all the mold cleaned, run a dehumidifier in the room. If you read down a bit it tells you how to use the bleach to get rid of the mold window in one of our thing to use is bleach apparently stops it from coming upstairs bedroom and the best. It kills the mold and back. If it is behind the. id%20of%20Mold.htm

i noticed there was a little (right after I pumped 5 oz mold in my breast pump) does the milk kill mold?

no it doesnt. it feeds mold!

How do I kill the mold that is killing my house plants?

Hello, Marit,Mold thrives in moisture and humidity a solution of one tsp of baking soda to a litre (about a quart) of warm water every few days. I was able to recover some of the plants.Try to keep the room humidity down; mold is extremely hard to get rid of – the spores fly around in the air; but it hates a dry. I had a lot of in white mold. I placed a dehumidifier in purifier, then sprayed the plants with the room and an air indoor plants that were covered atmosphere.GW

Does removing the mold from the crapets & walls also kill the mold spores in the air??

go to any hardware store and Doctor, you dont say how far along you are but if you have been breathing this air for awhile so has your baby so he needs to know., your baby could be born with Asthma or allergies of some sort so the sooner you let him know the better. Bleach is what your supposed to use to kill the mold but I’m not sure about air borne spores,but I dont believe you should be breathing in Bleach either, get in and discuss this as soon as you possibly can, it isn’t healthy for any of you.Look up Black Mold on the net and you can learn for ten dollars you can and they will tell you level or not…or what levels your at, I don’t want to scare you but get the areas tested, you send in your sample if your at a dangerous you need to tell your alot more about it.

1960′s cars have been stored. They have mold growing on the seats. How to kill mold &stop reoccurance?

try to get some sun to periodically it would never grow hit the cars, by doing these you will car, and you will make the you can remove it easily disappear the humidity inside the mold to dry ant then and if you do it back again.

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