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What’s the difference between a hemi and a 360 magnum

The 360 Magnum 5.9L, V8 can produced 250 horsepower, while HEMI engine can produced 180, 250, and 300 horsepower.
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differance between hemi and hemi magnum some dodge trucks have a hemi badge and some say hemi magnum?

no they dont have a hemi magnum older rams had the rams have hemi engine well 02 durango has a 4 magnum engines and the new not all but like my.7 liter magnum/powertech engine and my dads 08 ram has a hemi

Which is faster hemi charger or hemi magnum?

They both have the same engine and transmission, I think the charger weighs less. So The charger.

which engine has more power the 360 CI magnum or the 350 CI hemi?

well i have a 1/4 ton Club cab Dakota with a magnum v6 engine. I don’t know if there’s any comparison, but if there is, I’d have to say the hemi must be better :)

What is more powerful a .357 magnum or a .44 magnum?

44 magnum.

what is the difference between a hemi engine and a hemi magnum engine?

a magnum engine is not a hemi. a hemi is not a magnum.its 1 or the other.

What is the difference between Xbox 360 arcade and xbox 360 elite?

It came in three packages, the arcade, pro, and the elite; with minor differences in the drive. To discuss the pros and cons of each device we would just like to combine the elite to the pro since we all know the advantages of having a bigger content and pricing of each drive. The pro comes with a is equipped with a 120GB 60GB drive. And the Xbox 360 elite package. The arcade doesn’t come with a hard disk disk are.

I want to trade in my 2008 Dodge Magnum of a needs new tires. Does any one know if new car but my Magnum by CA. law,do car dealers have to replace the tires?

The car dealer would replace the, if it needs tires they will undervalue your trade due to the fact that it needs repairs. Put a new set of tires on it, and get what your tade in is actually worth at tires before they sell it they can for the vehicle is taken into consideration on to get the most money. Any work the car needs the value of the trade the dealer.

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