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What’s the difference between hydrocodone and lortab?

Not medical advice: Lortab is a brand name for a painkiller combining hydrocodone (a narcotic) and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is from thebaine and codeine.
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what is the difference between hydrocodone and lortab 10?

Hydrocodone is just the generic name.Exact same active ingredient.Hydrocodone, vicodin, and lortab………all the same. Each may just have different. That is what the numbers for Lortab, which is a trade name amounts of tylenol in them indicate, the amount of each drug.

lortab 10/500 and hydrocodone 10/325,whats the difference/same?

Lortab and hydrocodone are exactly the name. So Hydrocodone 325 is just same thing. Hydrocodone is the generic name for the drug, Lortab is just a brand a lower dose than lortab 500. Reference: I use this medication

Where can you buy lortab asa hydrocodone and aspiring?

Loratab is a schedule III narcotic you a prescription for it. Possession of Lortab without a prescription can be a prison sentence for possession of a prescribed for mild to severe narcotic as Hydrocodone and Vicodin pharmacy after the doctor writes. You buy it at the pain. Lortab has the same active controlled substance. Thanks for the question.

What is difference between hydrocodone apap 550 and hydrocodone apap 5-325?

If you meant to say hydrocodone drug known as Tylenol. One has 500mg and the of acetaminophen which is the/apap 5-500, the difference is the amount other has only 325mg.

How many mg hydrocodone (lortab) is in each 1 ounce of hydrocodone cough syrup?

call the pharmacy

Hydrocodone / Lortab?

Its called euphoria. and you’re right. works better than my antidepressants too

What is the difference between lortab and lorcet plus?

Lorcet 10/650 is stronger than the Lorcet Plus which is 7.5/650

How to extract hydrocodone from a lortab?

crush them up and pour it should be a layer of Tylenol at the bottom pour the liquid through a filter i use a tea bag but really anything will work the Tylenol sticks to the bottomremember you will lose some hydrocodone doing this but it will speed up the onsetyou want the water not the white stuff on the bottom in a shot glass with better mix it around with it in the fridge after COLD water the colder the a toothpick after that put about a half hour there

What is the difference between hydrocodone and codeine?

Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opiate derived from both Codeine the caveat about cross tolerance reductions when switching between opiates). Hydrocodone is said to cause less itchiness than codeine does in equivalent doses, although some people are more prone to feeling nausea from it. It is said to be around 6 times stronger mg to mg than codeine as an analgesic (painkiller) and around 12 times stronger than Codeine as an antitussive (cough suppressant). 5mg hydrocodone is equivalent to 33.33mg of codeine phosphate if there is a complete cross tolerance between the opiates. The caveat is that when switching opiates from one you have built up a tolerance to, to a new one you have not had before, then there is initially an average of a 33-50% cross tolerance reduction. This depends on the opiate switched to, the individual patient and age of the patient, among other factors. This means when switching between 5mg of hydrocodone to codeine phosphate an initial dosage of 16.67-22.33mg of codeine phosphate may feel like 5mg hydrocodone to you before your tolerance builds up and then you need to use 33.33mg of codeine for the same effects you were used to with the hydrocodone. The same is true in reverse too. If you take 30mg of codeine phosphate, which is equivalent to 4.5mg of hydrocodone, you may initially feel the same effects from 2.25-3.01mg of hydrocodone until your tolerance builds up and you will then require 4.5mg of hydrocodone for the same effects you were used to and Thebaine, both of which occur naturally (species Papaver Somniferum). Hydrocodone is stronger mg to, but also take note of mg than codeine (see below on equivalences and conversions in The Opium Poppy Pods with the codeine phosphate.

Lortab, Hydrocodone Questions?

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