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What’s the max weight that can be allowed on the steer, drive, and trailer tires of a tractor trailer?

Legal Weight for axle tractor semi-trailer is 20,000lbs /single axle; 17,000lbs /axle of a tandem. Maximum weight is 80,000lbs.
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What’s the difference between steer, drive, trailer, biased, and radial tires?

I think you are confusing some on the trailer of a semi. The biggest difference between the three tires are the tread design. Often, the same tread design is used for the drive tires and trailer tire. In fact, often times in the industry, partially worn drive tires are replaced and the old drive tires are mounted on a trailer.Biased tires are a softer tire designed more for off road. These tires offer low impact, low signature, low dust signature, quiet and with low surface distortion. Hopefully, people that do off road will catch on to these tires and protect their off roading area so they can continue to use themRadial tires are designed for over the road and highway use. These tires are much harder and designed for longer lasting, and more highway miles for the $. Radial Steer, Drives and Trailer tires can terms here.Steer tires are the front two ‘steer’ the truck.Drive tires (another semi term) are the eight (or four in the case of rear of the truck. These tires are attached to tires on a semi and a single axle truck) tires that are in the the motor/tranny and ‘drive’ the truck.Trailer tires are obviously the tires be, and are purchased.

When i am able to drive a tractor trailer again

I am no lawyer. I am assuming the answer, (DR’s. Ok, etc). Being a tractor trailer, CDL comes into play. I’m pretty sure the CDL requirements differs sate to state. I know some states have a time requirement, some have a medical requirement are more stringent than the state ‘operator’s’ classification. Good Luck!

tractor trailer accident on aug 25,2008 garrett bryant was the driver of the tractor trailer pickup truck ran ?

and the question is ????????????ok now where in the world accident released in the papers did this happen , not Always are the names of people involved in an or on the radio., this is like pulling teeth , more info is required

i am a novice tractor trailer driver. I still tend to have problems backing the tractor up fair with trailer?

Practice, practice,practice. If you have some spare the trailer to go. I find that backing straight back, it is easy to keep the unit in line by watching in the mirror on one side with just a glance to the other every once in a while(the perspective changes between the mirrors time in the unit, try to get some practice up. put your hand on the. then move your hand in in the yard backing it bottom of the steering wheel the direction that you want) Reference: driving big rigs for 25 years

How much weight should I subtract gut a travel trailer and from the GVWR if I want to use as a moving trailer?

The GVWR weight is the maxium.Subtract the GUWR weight from your GVRW and that is how much you can haul in it safely. Example GVWR 5000lbs – GUWR 3000lbs means you can put 2000 lbs in it and not be over loaded.It should be on the trailer the trailer can handle loaded you would subtract the weight pull it to the scale,The GUWR rating is the one from.If you know the GVWR rating and weigh it,then you have your GUWR weight as well. Don

max length of tractor trailer?

The average length of an eighteen the center of the steer wheeler varies greatly depending on are driving. But the overall average is’s cab [by wheelbase] usually averages between 245³ to 265³ wheelbase. This is measured from the center the type of cab they 70-80 ft. long. The length of an eighteen wheeler of the rear wheel to………..

On GTA San Andreas for the ps2, when your driving a tractor trailer truck, how do u take the trailer off?

Go to a cliff and swerve around back up and drop it.

when cars are passing a tractor out by the trailer tandems trailer why do they hang for a brief period of time?

Apparently they do not. Duh.

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