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What’s the oil capacity with filter change on a 2003 BMW x5 3.0 I6 engine?

The 2003 BMW X5 3.0 I6 engine's oil capacity is 7.5 liters. You can buy an oil change kit for $47.92.
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where is the oil filter located on the 2003 BMW 325i? trying to change my oil and i can’t seem to find it =(?

dude if u pop the hood first to release pressure then drain the oil and then completely take the filter out and look directly infront of black cap looking thing with of it..thats ur oil filter (well it covers the filter thats you there should be a a 36mm fitting on top inside) but be carefull!!!! crack open the filter cap.. good luck =)

What is the oil capacity WITH FILTER of a 2003 Suzuki GSXR-1000?

Check is out and save it for future, everything you need to know 0GSXR1000.html

Engine oil capacity for 1996 bmw 740il?

7.5 Qrts with filter change

Oil filter error=engine failure? Had son change oil on wife’s 08 pt cruiser, he took off the old filter …but?

Don,There is no saftey shut off the oil starts to flow past the gaskets it will pump all 4 or 5 qrts out in seconds. The engine has seized and scored the walls and pistons, even though it seized, after the engine cools in can turn over but will not start do to lack of compression, Unhooking the battery wont do a thing to save the engine, all you did was rest the computer and errased all the adaptive memory in the trans and reset the radioEngine replace or overhaul will be needed and if the dealer figures out what happened you wont be covered under Chrysler switch when the engine is a check engine light, oil pressure guage or light the wife ignored. And since your boy double out of oil, that is why there is that did come on and gasketed the oil filter once warranty Reference: Old Mechanic

oil filter error=engine failure? Had son change oil on wife’s 08 pt cruiser, he took off the old filter …but?

So he double gasketed the oil. Sounds like the engine is filter, lost all oil and you think it’s under warranty? You gotta be kidding me toast, and it WONT be covered for his idiocy. Reference: Common sense

how many quarts of oil do i need to change the differential oil capacity on a 2000 bmw 528i?

Yikes! It would be pints or litres, that out to cover it. You just fill it until it starts to run out of the filler hole. Maybe you better pick up more appropriately, litres. Not quarts! Make sure you get the ruin the rear end. It’s so cheap to have a it to a BMW shop correct lubricant or you can shop do it. Maybe you should just take. If you pick up 2 3 litres. OK…4…..yeah….4….

Engine Change BMW 320d – Can a 2005 e46 BMW engine be fitted into a 2003 320d car eg engining mountings e.t.c?

i can’t see why not with a little bit of customization its surely possible. not sure if the electronics will allow it though.

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