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Whats the stock quartermile time of an integra type R?

The stock quarter mile time of an Integra Type R is 14.9 s, while the 0 - 100 kph is 6.9 s with the maximum speed of 233 kph (144.46 mph).
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My modified Integra compare with stock Integra Type R?

The Type R hands down. If you decide to sell by little. The motor is faster and the suspension package on a stock Type R is better then a stock GS. If you think you can sell your GS without putting out too much money from Your pocket for the Type R then i would go for it. Also the Type R has the shaved molding along the side which has a better look. My daily driver is a 95 RS on Tsudo adjustable coil overs sitting on Motegi later you’ll get more for the Type The B18c5 is one of in the Integra’s. You could do all the R then for the GS the better motors honda put suspension mods again just little FF7 16′S

What is the 0-60 time for 1997 integra type r?

7.10 seconds

whats faster?? a 95 acura integra ls non vtec stock or a 99- 00 honda civic si stock?

It would be a close tie. The Integra weighs more and torque than the Si. The Si has more power. It will ultimately come down yet has a little more but less torque, plus its a little lighter to who takes off the line quicker and doesn’t screw up on shifting. Reference:

what would be smarter to buy an integra type r or gsr stock or a rsx type s?

all cars are cool but id get a integ type r, how often do u see those on the road? barely ever !

Integra sir-g, Integra si (jdm gsr) and Integra type r engines?

well performance wise the jdm enginge better things for themselves lol. as far as the codes go i dont kno too much bout them.I think like b18c or b18d is a jdm engine but has more power bcuz the exhaust things n such so be able to make them U.S. is more strict on the they takes power away to legal in the U.S. N plus japan keeps the not sure.

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will a B16b (civic type R) or a B18c (integra type R) engine fit in my 94 honda integra ?

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