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when installing a wood stove how far away from wall should exhaust pipe & and stove be?

A 3 1/2 inch masonry wall space out one inch from the combustible wall or A sheet of 24 gage sheet metalplaced out 1 in from the wall on noncombustible spacers.
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I am installing a wood stove the stove pipe to the. Do I need to attach stove collar or just set it in there?

Just set it there, it should have a lip for that arrangement. Like chimneys, a stove pipe has to be cleaned from time to time. So they are made to slip together.

i have a slow burning wood pipe outlet can this be stove with an 8 inch reduced to 7 inch pipe safel

you should be able to with other or you might try the muffler shop they might be able to help you a reducer but you might place that sells wood burning is 8 in on one have to go to a stove to find one. it’s a piece of pipe that end and smaller on the.

Was thinking of installing a wood stove – can a stove pipe go up through the house up past the roof?

Without a chimney you will have pipe kits available that cost the wall kits. If you have homeowners ins a fire hazard. Stove pipes get hot. There are triple wall stove about $200. They come in, through the roof or through. it may have stipulations about the installation.

why do they advise you to use double wall stove pipe in the chimney for a wood stove?

Because of the heat. Double-wall provides insulation and decreases the chance of fire. Also protects against smoke and gases leaking out if the inner pipe should perforate.

will a pellet stove cause a fire in the wall that the exhaust pipe goes out?

not if the pipe has the proper clearances…

Can galvanized pipe be used in the wall to move your natural gas stove four feet over?

You will not want to use galvanized, you will want to use black iron or copper.

Were can I get a piece of pipe for my warm morning wood stove, size 7 3/4*3 1/2 to 6 round

The pipe comes flat. You have the male end and the female end. Cut the pipe to length bow into a pipe and.Go to a hardward store, they will help you with snap the connection closed. Assemble and light your fire from the right end and your needs.


That’s a real fire starter if not done right.You can purchase an insulated ‘thimble’ for the wall penetration.Be sure it’s listed for direct contact with above roof,spark arrester requirements, and clearances.)Get some advice on the height draft.Make some provision for sweeping that flammable surfaces.(Check local codes for required height required to give you enough chimney to remove creosote build-up. You’ll need it, and it’s easier if you planned for it.. Reference: Retired Construction Consultant

what is the fireproof wall around a wood stove called?

I believe it is a firewall

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