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Why is a dome house energy efficient

Domes have about 20% to 40% less surface area than an equal size conventional house. This results in an equal and significant improvement in the efficiency.
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Would you buy an energy efficient house over a non energy efficient house?

Yes. The cost in energy bills keep going up and it wastes our resources.

How to build an energy efficient house?

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Wife says 68 degrees but What is the most energy efficient temperature to keep your house at in winter ?

I’ve always heard it is as cool as you can stand it. The more degrees you drop the thermostat the less energy you use.

What are some energy saving concepts for an energy efficient house?

Insulated Concrete formsearth shelteredtriple glazed south facing windowslarge overhanging eavespassive solar heatingsolar water heaternatural ventilationlandscaping with deciduous trees to screen summer sungas fired air-conditioning with solar preheat from solar water heaterDowndraft wood gasifier for syngas as alternative to natural gas Reference: c_description.htm

If I installed energy efficient features to my house, will my house be worth more than before, how much more?

It will depend on your location your house, he will not take note whether or not there are larger windows, energy efficient appliances and the like. He will only compare your house to ‘comparable houses’, and generally such energy saving items are not specifically denoted and how much such items utility costs on your home than the sunbelt, chances are that the equity can actually contribute to lowering. If you live anywhere other improvement would be zero.When an appraiser comes to evaluate.

How does one claim energy tax credits for the purchase of an energy efficient air conditioner and washer dryer.

Form 5695 (Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit) should be included in your tax return to claim these credits. Here’s a link to the form on the IRS website —

Is there an organization that would help me convert my house to an energy efficient house?

Try your local energy co-op. Free advertising, what?

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