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Why is a jake brake called a jake brake

They are called jake brakes because of the original manufacture, Jacobs. But are referred to as a compression brake. Also alot is to do with the electronics.
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If a “jake brake” can slow a large truck, shouldn’t it light the brake lights?

Well, its main purpose is to lock the brakes while in park. others use it for stopping purposes.

How does a jake brake work?

 it uses the exhaust to open up all the valves and stalls the motor

What’s the difference between a jake brake and just down-shifting to use the engine as a brake?

down shifting could potentially damage the slow down a big truck quickly downshifting is usually a last ditch effort hope i motor by overreving the jake the motor to slow down in the cylinder so it brake is just basically stalling it kills a spark plug will have less power the jake brake is used to helped Reference: experience grandfather a semi driver

Jake Brake?

Air brake for big rigs, dump trucks.

i want to know to model of car that jake had in jake and the fat

Jake aka Joe Penny most often in several episodes he also while William Conrad drove a drove a gold-orange Camaro (I’m guessing here). He always had mean wheels drove a blue Miata but Ford. Does this help?

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