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Will adding clorox bleach to a urine sample make you pass a drug test if it doesn’t get lab tested?

Yes. If used technically, clorox bleach may full the test by causing a false negative result, a negative results of a urine containing high concentration drug.
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can i pass an at-home urine drug test by putting bleach in the urine sample?

Don’t even bother. The test will indicate contamination is no way you will pass. Marijuana is retained in the body and is detectable for and your parents will know it. Besides, you know they will not their sight while the test you have done something to let that test out of is going on; parents aren’t that dumb.Enjoy Montana, grandma, and the goats because there up to 90 days.

can you pass a home drug test by putting a few drops of bleach in the urine sample?

you should dilute it with water

can you pass a drug test by placing a clorox wipe in your urine first?


What does a home drug testing lab do when bleach is found in a urine sample?

They know all sorts of weird chemical compounds. If it really is bleach, they will figure it out.

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