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will lemon or lime juice clean a real diamond ring? if not what can i use?

We suggest you Soak the ring in hot water for 10 minutes. Put a toothbrush in window cleaner. Scrub the ring. Soak the ring a little longer and rinse.
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Can bought lemon juice work as a replacement to real lemon juice for skin care like blemishes?

Take a look at the side time to cook and wouldn’t if it was bad for me – I think you should be and what does it contain it that you may not it and dilute it you.It may have a preservative in want but if you use should be fine. I use it all the fine – :) Reference: RNskin care consultant.

What is the equivalent in lime juice (roses brand) of a whole juiced lemon

About the same

why is it that lemon dishsoap is made with real lemons but lemon juice is artificial flavoring?

Y’all have fun with yer’ taste testing now……

Would lemon juice be an acceptable substitute for lime juice in a Mexican torta recipe?

I agree with your last statement (that they are generally not interchangeable with lemon juice instead of juice then give it a). For example, I cannot imagine a margarita lime. However, if you have no lime try. It will be different but probably still good.

Is it alright for me to use lime juice instead of lemon juice to get rid of acne marks?

Um, I don’t know who told you that lemon juice, or lime juice, to your acne marks. It isn’t really healthy for your skin, but whomever did was completely wrong. You should never really add. It does dry the pimples and what not, but it doesn’t get rid of them.

As a practical matter is a cubic zirconium ring just as good as a real diamond ring?

They tend to get a milky from a CZ if you get a high quality custom setting. .You should check out man made diamonds her. They are even ‘better’ than the real thing.More info here:****Here are the most prolific cultured diamond companies.Amazing!!!!***** look when they are not, I reccomend purchasing a ring. It’s hard for the casual observer cleaned very regularly. If you have a CZ cleaning machine for regular cleaning to tell a regular diamond

to buy real lime juice from la hacienda manchester nh.

Local grocery store carries it, check produce aisle. You can squeeze yourself or the labeling. All grocery stores carry it purchase it. Bottle shows the equivalents on. =)

How do I use the Real Lime Concentrate in the plastic lime to equal 1/4 cup of fresh lime juice?

The real lime in the plastic lime is reconstituted lime juice, not lime concentrate. You use it ounce for ounce as lime juice. 1/4 cup equals 1/4 cup real lime juice. Reference: experience

Why do they put real lemon in a dish-washing formula and non-real lemon in lemon juice?

Who knows? Life is full of mysteries.

As a practical matter isn’t a perfect cubic zirconium ‘diamond’ ring just as good as a real diamond?

What a great idea!!! You’re right, of course. The diamond trade has done to assure that jewelers know the difference, believe it or not. Women who need a big rock (or a small one) on their finger as proof they are loved are shallow, really. I say, YOU’RE RIGHT!!! Buy a house to live an excellent job of making the only way to go is SOOOO GOOD that the us believe that diamonds are. Some of the cubic zirconium stone itself is marked CZ in first. Get the diamond later!

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