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Will sucking up bleach with a shop vac mess it up? I<3Bree Elser

Many people have used a shop vac to clean up water that contains bleach with no harm. The bleach will likely not mess it up, but its up to you to take the risk!
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I have a 12 gallon wet/dry shop vac. How can you let water out of the shop vac to keep sucking water?

You are doing it correctly. There is no way to when full. you have to always remove fill the vac with more water then it will hold the top/ cover to dump the water out.

I need to find or make a timer for 110 vac or 24 vac once a mounth onoff?

you can not cross 110 volt 24 vac relay so if there is an overcurrent the timmer will burn or the timmer and relay will burn up and not your equipment ac with 24 vlot ac timmers and i would use timmer hooked to trip a a 110 volt store baught you will need two seperate

Will a wet/dry vac (such as a Shop Vac or Rigid Vac) do well on carpet?

mmmm,sometimes.I do cleaning and use a dirt devil and my back up weapon is a smaller wet/dry vac.I have found it works wonders on animal hairs,also along baseboards and appliances.My Best

My shop is a mess.Let us have a party and all of my qna friends come and help me clean it up.

whats the eats and drinks!!

how can a shop vac be used as a central vac system for a work shop ?

I think the resistance of a to move the vac around network of pipes may be shop vac. I have a large Craftsman of hose to reach each a little much for a vac and connected 4 sections of my tools without having. Good luck!

Were does vac off modulator valve tie into truck vac

It should tie into manifold vacuum at the motor , which is highest at idle.

Can a swimming pool vac hose long hose for a SHOP be converted in to a VAC OR ANY OTHER VAC

Yes just make sure the connectors fit

Do you buy special bleach or just use regular bleach to bleach your teeth?

You can’t use regular bleach – it doesn’t work. You have to use special bleach – contact your dentist to see what product would work best for you.

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