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Would the breaks on a car be considered an accelerator?

No. The car/automobile brake would not be considered as accelerator. However, throttle is considered as accelerator or gas pedal.
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Is it possible to convert a gear+clutch+brake+accelerator car to a brake+accelerator car?

yeah but that would mean a transmission swap might be easier if you just bought a new car

My car accelerates by itself, I can feel the accelerator mash down and let up under my foot, what could cause this problem?

Have your car scanned, sounds like you might have a falty tps, iac, or other sensor. it you have a scanner whatch your pids also. Also check your fuel pressure, and for vacumn leaks. hope this helps send you in a closer direction.

My car is idling at 1. It won’t go over 40 mph either RPM and shakes/vibrates when you press the accelerator. Could it be the fuel pump or filter?

Very well could be, could also be the catalatic scanned for free at an auto parts store like auto zone for a better idea converter or the mass air be sure, hate to buy a pump it and it be a flow, i’d check the fuel pressure to and spend the day installing different problem, also you could get it of whats going on


Unfortunately a vehicle becomes used the moment you drive it off the lot.

Own a 2000 Grand Marquis, car will only start when i push on accelerator pedal if i let off car will die.?

That cant be diagnosed over the internet, I am sorry. I would take it to have the problem diagnosed (since it only does it in leaving the car overnight so a reputable repair facility and the morning I would suggest they can try to duplicate the problem). Reference: ase master certified technician

Lately, a foreign car company has three major recalls;brakes poblems,accelerator, and sterling wheel.How likely are willing to buy from this foreign in the future.?

I think everyone has heard of people will forget about the recall and look at the new models every year until the Toyota recall. I also remember when Ford over, etc. All major auto mfg have gone through the wrongful death had recalls for Pinto’s turning into Roman candles, Explorers blowing tires and rolling had recalls and all ave suits, so with enough advertising money they can afford one.

when i drive my car (an 89 cadillac fleetwood brougham rwd) and i hit the accelerator and it feels like my car?

cuts off when driving sounds like a ignition coil, the pulling could be a bad tire cross rotate the front tires to see if pull goes away

Is Aston Martin considered a sports car or a luxury car?

There’s no hard and fast answer terms. Aston Martin makes cars that are known as grand tourers. They are fast and sleek automobiles that can driven at high speeds and for great distances while pampering their occupants. If you wanted to drive from one European country to another, a grand tourer would be perfect. Aston Martins don’t have rock hard suspension settings, and the interiors aren’t stripped down the way a race car’s interior would be. Essentially, they’re a sports car with all the luxurious comforts that you to this question, so I’m only going to be able on this answer rather than car first and a luxury to give you my opinion hard facts. As I understand it, Aston Martin is a sports car second. However, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive’d expect.

when i step on accelerator with car in drive i lose power the car is a 1992 nissan maxima’s?

well i think u need to have a complete tune up and or change your transmission fluid and filter.

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