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How to Make a Edible Cell

You may have such questions as How to Make a Edible Plant Cell and How To Make An Edible Cell,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Make An Edible Plant Cell. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Incredible Edible Cell,too. Read more as following:

You can make an edible cell model using food and candy. You can make the model with Jello, gumdrops, raisins, gummy worms, dried fruit, and hard candy. The candy represents the different organelles.

How to Make An Edible Plant Cell?

To make an edible plant cell you will need a base, which can be a Rice Krispies treat or cake, frosting, candies, gummy worms and toothpicks. ... More »

How to Make An Edible Cell?

Some of the ingredients you will need to make your very own edible cell is some Jello, paper plate, knife, your cell parts (Tic-Tacs, jelly beans, etc.) and a plastic spoon. Once you make the jello empty it out onto the plate using your knife cut it... More »

How to Make An Edible Plant Cell?

To make an edible plant cell you will need a base, which can be a Rice Krispies treat or cake, frosting, candies, gummy worms and toothpicks. ... More »

How to build an edible cell?

1. Cover the square pie crust with a thin layer of applesauce. This jelly-like layer represents the cytoplasm of the cell. 2. Place the jumbo marshmallow in the center of the pie crust. This represents the one large vacuole that is present in plant c... More »

How to make an edible cell for a school project?

1. Prepare the Jello mixture the night before, following the directions on the box. Note that every 6 oz. of Jello will make four cells. Pour the Jello mixture into the plastic cups until each cup is two-thirds full. Place the cups in the refrigerato... More »

How to make an edible gelatin animal cell?

1. Pour 1 cup of water into a 2-quart saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Slowly add the gelatin powder into the boiling water and stir with a plastic cooking spoon for five minutes, or until the gelatin powder dissolves into the boiling w... More »


  1. Wranglesham Reply:

    im thinking of using a giant cookie for my edible animal cell project. but i don’t know what i would do with the organelles.. like i wouldnt know where to put them or what to use.

  2. Bryan Bentley Reply:

    Help Me! 😀 I’m making an 3D edible animal cell model and I need some cheap candy ideas. Cake is going to be the whole cell. And I need a type of candy that would be the nucleus and nucleolus and it would be proportional to the cake. And I also need types of candy for the others organelles.

  3. Jinnessa Reply:

    My science teacher is making us do an edible pant cell only this time made from fruits and vegetables

  4. Mizz Piggy Reply:

    Edible cell (something that is made from all food and able to eat)
    Every part of Animal Cell
    Cell wall-Watermelon or bread ETC.
    Any Ideas?

  5. Janelle Bows Reply:

    I’m doing a project for school and i don’t have any ideas how to make a edible plant cell. I think making something tasty can help my grade a little. Please help. It’s due next week. Thanks! :)

  6. Jessica A Reply:

    I have to make an edible plant cell for Biology and it’s due in 3 days. What’s the cheapest way for me to make this?
    Thanks in advance for the answers~! ♥

  7. Michaelangelo Reply:

    here are the stuff that are supposed to be in the edible cell.(not allowed to use jell-o)

    nuclear membrane-?
    endoplasmic reticulum-?
    golgi body-?

  8. Meatplosion Reply:

    I am making an EDIBLE cell project and it’s due in a couple of days. I don’t know what I should use for the golgi body though. I’m trying to find something really creative.

  9. Amie Reply:

    I want to make an edible plant cell but i dont kno wut to put on my cookie cake like for chlloroplasts vacuole etc.

  10. Andrea Harvey Reply:

    I’m making an edible plant cell for biology class, which is due on Friday. It’d be so nice if someone could help me think of something use for the endoplasmic reticulum! :)

  11. September R Reply:

    i am makin a edible animal cell and i dont know what to use for my chromatin or chromosomes. thanks.

  12. Gringico Reply:

    I’m doing an edible cell model and I don’t know what to use as the central vacuole. The overall size of model is 6×8 inches. Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated!
    Forgot to mention that the cytoplasm will be jello so the vacuole should be something else.

  13. Mystacall Reply:

    I am making an edible cell for a project and I was going to use jello as sort of the wall, but I thought the cell membrane was kind of like it’s wall. So what is the cytoplasm then??
    Help please!
    Also, any ideas for what to use on an edible animal cell?

  14. Comingofayge Reply:

    I have a project where I have to make a edible cell… what should i use and i need a base to put everything on what should i do?? its due 2morra

  15. Laminisa Reply:

    My 7th grade class has to make an edible cell, and I was thinking of using rice krispies for the cytoplasm, but I don’t know what to do for the rest of the organelles. Any suggestions??

  16. Esmeralda Flores Reply:

    For my school project I have to make an edible cell out of a cookie. I need certain toppings for all of the cell parts. Please Help Me!

  17. Hamza Reply:

    I need to come up with a edible cell project for class and everyone is doing jello, pizza, and cookies. Does anyone have any new or unique ideas for this

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