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Who Were the Progressive Presidents

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Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson were the Progressive Presidents of the United States. These three Presidents made many great accomplishments for the nation! They were all responsible for many beneficial programs and ideas in America.

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Who were the three progressive president?

Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft…. More »

Who were the progressives?

They started as European liberals seeking to change the effect industrialization had on policies and ideas. It is written that they have a more socialist idea of world policies…. More »

Who were the progressive presidents?

The Progressive Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft and Woodrow Wilso…… More »

What Presidents Were Impeached?

There were two presidents that were impeached were Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. They were impeached by the House of Representatives but were not convicted by the Senate. The Senate is who determines guilt, not Hilary…. More »

Where were the Presidents born?

Answer 1.George Washington (1789-97) Virginia 2.John Adams (1797-1801) Massachusetts 3.Thomas Jefferson (1801-09) Virginia 4.James Madison (1809-17) Virginia 5.James Monroe (1817-25) Virginia 6.John Quincy Adams (1825-29) Massachusetts 7.Andrew Jacks… More »

What Presidents Were Assassinated?

Four were assassinated: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy. Theodore Roosevelt and Ronal Reagan were injured by assassination attempts, but survived. During the presidential campaign last year, some feared that… More »

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  1. Thi says:

    I need to do S.S essay on progressive presidents. I know Teddy is one of them. But what more.

    PS. Can i do bill clinton. Even though he had the scandal he was a good president.

  2. Aiden says:

    All three previous have been under a Progressive president. Wilson, Hoover, and FDR.

  3. Nic says:

    Who was the mst effective and important progressive president? WHY? Please give lots of examples.
    The Question is, “After careful consideration one must conclude that Woodrow Wilsonwas the most important and effective Progressive President.” argue for or against using 3 different areas

  4. Mariah Giles says:

    In your opinion, who do you think was the most progressive president, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, or Woodrow Wilson? And why?

  5. Lilsuzyy says:

    Why do some say that President Obama is considered a Progressive President? Progressive as in like the progressive era in the US in the early 1900′s.

  6. Tiddlypeep says:

    What did he do during the Progressive movement that made him a progressive president?

  7. Dasha says:

    Well first of all, what’s a good Definition of a progressive president, and what are some good points I can make during a debate that Taft was the most progressive out of him, Wilson and Roosevelt.

  8. Jacelyn says:

    Why was Theodore Roosevelt a more progressive president?

  9. Karina says:

    I have 3 questions im 14 (just turned it jan 5) and cant find these answers anywhere please help me thank you.
    How did the progressive movement change the roles of women?
    Who was the Progressive president?
    Why were same groups excluded from the Progressive Reform

  10. March M says:

    Which of the three progressive presidents did the most to reform society? And three reasons why. This is around Roosevelt’s time and women suffrage.

  11. Music Man says:

    Which of the three Progressive presidents did the most to reform society? And three reasons to support the answer you give me, if you could please.

  12. Gibson says:

    What’s to fear from having a Progressive president, even a Republican one, in the White House? We’ve had other Progressive presidents so, what’s the big deal?

  13. The Mysterious Girl says:

    The only two presidents in American history to imprison and round up American citizens based on race, origin, AND political views are Democrats. FDR and Woodrow Wilson. (Those two happen to be our most liberal, progressive presidents we’ve ever had.) Why do you think that is?

  14. Ciara Shay says:

    thanks a lot

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