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How Make Your Own Deer Attractant

You may have similar questions as How To Make Deer Attractants and How To Attract Deer,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Attract Feed Deer. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Homemade Deer Attractants,too. Read more as following:

You can build your own salt lick. Find a location where you can dig a shallow depression in the bare soil, then spread bagged mineral salt around using a minimum of twenty five pounds and then cover the salt with the dirt.

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How to Make Deer Attractants

Deer love peanut butter, and it makes a great attractant. Take the lid off of a jar of peanut butter, and nail it to a tree in a high deer traffic area. Screw the jar of peanut butter back on the lid, and cut the bottom off. //’,'_blank’)” > More »

How to Attract Deer

If you want to attract deer for hunting or just for viewing in your yard, you can do so in several ways. The techniques for attracting deer vary slightly depending on whether you’re attracting them for hunting or simply for viewing. Keep in mind that… More »

How to attract & feed deer?

1. Set up a deer feeder in the desired location, and spread corn and acorns around the feeder. Place a water trough nearby to make the area doubly attractive. 2. Spread peanut butter on nearby trees to attract deer to the area, creating a trail for t… More »

How to attract sambar deer?

1. Create a food plot in a remote area where sambar deer are known to live. Set up the plot in a place that gets a lot of sunlight but does not have a lot of natural vegetation. Plant red clover seeds, white clover seeds or a seed blend at the plot,… More »

How to attract elk & deer?

1. Consider placing doe or female elk urine around your location, which will attract male deer and elk to the spot. If you don’t have deer or elk urine handy, then you can purchase them at a local hunting store. This technique is typically used by hu… More »

How to make a natural deer attractant?

1. Find a natural water source in the area that you will be hunting. This can be a pond, a lake or a stream. Fill the jar with the water and then close the lid of the jar tightly. 2. Position a large plastic tub in a safe area. Cover it with a thick… More »

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  1. Shauniee says:

    I know you can buy commercial products to attract deer but I want to make my own. I’ve heard that deer are attracted to some herbs but which ones?

  2. Chloe says:

    Also what meat is good for what purposes?
    What parts is good 2 grind up for “hamburger” meat?
    Any good sites for this information?

  3. Judas says:

    I am planning to go hunting, but this year the land owner has placed a restriction on bucks 6 points or smaller. I don’t really have a preference doe or buck, because I am interested in the meat. I don’t want to deter my chances of getting a deer by using a “doe in heat” scent

  4. Legit Epikness :3 says:

    Ok, I wanna make a deer attractant powder. Easier said than done. Lol. I was thinking crushing up roots,Corn,and acorns, and have a powder that can be a deer attractant. Anyone tried? If anyone can help, ill really appreciate it. No B.S answers either! If you have a attractant plz post the recipe

  5. Wasabi32967 says:

    I want to plant a garden in our back yard, but my husband is highly allergic to bee stings. And I don’t want to make the yard inaccessible to him.

  6. Jessie J Xxx says:

    my neighbor owns a posted woods and its a little safe haven for them and they always go out the side we dont own and i want to hunt them better

  7. Guppymelons says:

    I am looking to make a deer block with molasses and corn. does anyone know how i would harden it?

  8. Erica says:

    i can’t believe they are just for swatting flies even the dinosaurs had them and we were supposed to
    have had one at one time

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