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How to Attract Deer on my Land

You may have similar questions as Will Peanut Butter Attract Deer and What Smells Are Deer Attracted To,or you may also seek several useful information about Will Vanilla Attract Whitetail Deer. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Best Ways to Attract Deer,too. Read more as following:

In order to attract deer, you will need a combination of salt block on the land, and scattered corn. Bucks can be attracted with the use of doe scent on surrounding leaves, or trees.

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will peanut butter attract deer?

Hell yeah dummy!… More »

What smells are deer attracted to?

Deer are attracted to smells which inform of a possible food source. Pine scents, apple and nut trees are food-based odors that attract hungry deer. Salt is the least available resource in the wild. Deer are attracted to salt and will even lick the s… More »

will Vanilla Attract Whitetail Deer?

Vanilla extract is often used to attract deer. It only works if deer are in close enough range to smell it though. Pouring a bit of vanilla extract over plants that deer eat will draw them in and they will devour the plant…. More »

How to attract sambar deer?

1. Create a food plot in a remote area where sambar deer are known to live. Set up the plot in a place that gets a lot of sunlight but does not have a lot of natural vegetation. Plant red clover seeds, white clover seeds or a seed blend at the plot,… More »

How to Attract Deer

If you want to attract deer for hunting or just for viewing in your yard, you can do so in several ways. The techniques for attracting deer vary slightly depending on whether you’re attracting them for hunting or simply for viewing. Keep in mind that… More »

How to attract elk & deer?

1. Consider placing doe or female elk urine around your location, which will attract male deer and elk to the spot. If you don’t have deer or elk urine handy, then you can purchase them at a local hunting store. This technique is typically used by hu… More »

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  1. Sandy says:

    How do you attractt deer into my yard? I dont want to buy plants, but is there any household foods that i can throw outside? And how long will it take to attract the deer? I also have seen some buck rubs on the trees… I live on 1 acre of hilly land, and 2 acres of woods.

  2. Serialized says:

    I have just bought 9acs of land and would like to put out salt blocks for the deer but would like to know what other types of animals are attracted to a salt block before I do this. Thank you.

  3. Antonio says:

    There’s lots of land surrounding my home growing naturally and a lake too,
    What sort of wildlife should I expect to find and can I encourage them to inhabit it?

    How could I encourage them to do so?
    Thank you for your help :)

  4. Beth Keeling says:

    I need help on ways that the environment and wildlife, along with the people living around the area would be affected (to name a few). Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Advice on the damage to the land from construction, etc. would be great!

  5. Liltenor says:

    It has been snowing like crazy out were i live so it is harder for the mule deer to live …………we already creaded a pretty cool place for them ……….. but i need to know more to do more.

  6. Rob says:

    What is the best way to bring big bucks to your hunting land?

  7. Uglygurl11-17 says:

    I live in Maryland and would like to find squirrels. Thanks a lot

  8. Keegan says:

    I am re doing my question cause someone made a good point about it so. We want horses not many and we hunt and dirt bike and many Other things like that would 5.1 acres be to small or a good size of land for some of this maybe

  9. Belieber says:


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