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How Much does a Bulletproof Vest Cost

You may have similar questions as How to Make a Bulletproof Vest and How to Make a Homemade Bulletproof Vest,or you may also seek several useful information about Can a Civilian Wear Bulletproof Vests. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Bulletproof Vest for Sale,too. Read more as following:

They are made with a price range that goes from four hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. It is all relative to the material used.

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How to make a bulletproof vest?

While the thin vest and 17 layers of duct tape has been scientifically proven to be completely bulletproof, it isn’t quite what YOU need. It isn’t a TACTICAL home-made bulletproof vest. Get some Krylon and paint it flat black. The texture? It will fe… More »

Can someone tell me how to make a homemade bulletproof vest?

Considering you can buy lots of used ones at EBay and all the gun related online auction websites – why would you bother? I suspose if you had a spare Army Tank or used Armored Car – you could cut pieces out of the sides and make your own. Be a bit h… More »

Can arizona civilian citizens wear bulletproof vest?

Any civilian anywhere in the U.S. has the right to legally wear a bullet proof vest…. More »

Who Invented the Bulletproof Vest?

The inventor of the bulletproof vest is Casimir Zeglen, a resident of Chicago. He invented the bulletproof vest in 1893, following the assassination of Carter Harrison, Sr., the mayor of Chicago at that time. Zeglen later teamed up with Jan Szczepani… More »

Are bulletproof vests illegal?

Most states do not prohibit the possession of a bulletproof vest. It is unlawful for a person to purchase or possess body armor if that person has been convicted of a felony. Also, in the state of Connecticut it is only lawful for eligible applicants… More »

What are Bulletproof Vests Made of?

A bulletproof or bullet resistant vest has changed as firearms have changed. They are constructed using armor and covered with either a kevlar or spectra cloth…. More »

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  1. Anthony says:

    Anyone who have worked as a police officer in US and have ever been shot by criminals, how does it feel like when you are shot in the torso covered by bulletproof vest with a handgun? Do you feel intense pain?

  2. Ashleymh2009 says:

    I would not like to spend a bunch, like the cost of a real tactical vest… I just want something that looks like the bulletproof vest but not a real one.

  3. Mahala says:

    I’ve had it with all these shootings. I want to buy a bulletproof vest to wear under my clothes. Do those exist? Like the one Doc Brown wore in Back to the Future. If so, do they come in my size? I’m a pretty big guy. How much would it cost me?

  4. Halloa says:

    I was wondering if anyone can buy a bulletproof vest; or are they not sold at all in the public market?

  5. Geckofrog says:

    I am working in a dangerous part of Oakland and I want a vest that’s not too bulky but that can stop the most common rounds in use. Any suggestions?

  6. Meow :3 says:

    I need a bulletproof vest, as I think every law abiding citizen should own one along with their firearms. Need to know where I will get the best deal on a III-A rated vest with trauma plates.

  7. Gem says:

    I’m just wondering cause alot of officers say they hate wearing them.

  8. Mary says:

    My husband will graduate soon I would like to provide him with everything his department won’t. I know they will give him a bulletproof vest. Also what would be a good magazine subscription for a police officer (work related)? Thanks!

  9. Brodie says:

    I would like to buy one of these vests because it would be a cool knickknack, and I was wondering if I could get it without ballistic panels and how much that would cost?

  10. Jeremy says:

    I am really looking to for a occupation with the cartels. You know they’re the only paying a decent wage. Nowadays the army is paying almost a minimum wage salary. I am really interested in becoming a member of the cartels. How much do they get paid by hour/month?

  11. Lolli says:

    My main argument is how much money I will save over public transport and a car (I live and work in London).

    Their argument is saftey.

    (Please don’t give me anything for them to use against me ;-)

  12. Janette says:

    I used to get 30000 every hour or so and now i have -210

  13. Curious Mind says:
  14. Leah R says:

    Kind of like a concealable one , just for looks, do you know where I could find one?

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