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Can you get leukemia from smoking?

Smoking cigarettes may increase a person’s risk of contracting leukemia by 30 percent and cause up to 3600 cases of adult leukemia a year! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aubrey Reply:

    Smoking increases your risk of getting leukemia by 30 percent. Smoking is thought Back pain and painful, frequent urination can send you racing How Does Source:

  2. Ethyl Reply:

    Both children and adults can get leukemia, which is a complex disease with many Smoking: Smoking is a proven risk factor for acute myeloid leukemia.

  3. Rosalinda Reply:

    Cigarette smoke contains the chemical benzene as well as many other toxic substances. Chronic exposure to high levels of benzene has been associated with leukemia. Although benzene is found in low levels in most environments, cigarette smok… Source:

  4. Cari Reply:

    Well, marijuana does fall into the list of restricted foods with the neutropenic diet. If you dont know what that means, I promise he does. Since it is grown and unprocessed before use, it contains bacteria, fungi, and possibily chemicals f… Source:

  5. Rubi Reply:

    Summary: There are 60 different cancer-causing substances in cigarette smoke, including benzine, which is a well-recognized cause of leukemia. Find out how to read the surgeon general’s report on the research connecting leukemia with smokin… Source:

  6. Verline Reply:

    what are the dangers of smoking marijuana for people with leukemia? to control pain and/or nausea…etc does it cause chest infections or any other life threatening situation

  7. Anika Reply:

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  8. Antonio Reply:

    What does tobacco do to you? Where can you get tobacco? Health > Addictions > Smoking and Tobacco Use > Can you can leukemia from tobacco?

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