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Do girls with leukemia have a menstrual cycle?

In adult women, chemotherapy may damage the ovaries! Women may have irregular menstrual periods or periods may stop altogether! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Idalia Reply:

    Menstruation and women's cycles have always been cloaked in some mystery. Menstrual cycle disorders can occur as a result of conditions that affect the thyroid problems, blood clotting disorders, liver or kidney disease or leukemia. Source:

  2. Royce Reply:

    Nov 25, 2008 Learning about medical care for leukemia can help you take an active .. Women may have irregular menstrual periods or periods may stop

  3. Alissa Reply:

    what to do when her cycle comes on Source:

  4. Aja Reply:

    The menstrual cycle is the production of, then maintenence of, then finally expulsion of a female’s egg from her uterus. The fluid and matter consists of blood, & soft tissue from uterus wall, plus the egg. The menstrual cycle is simply to … Source:

  5. Eleni Reply:

    The period in which an ovum matures, is ovulated, and enters the uterine lumen through the fallopian tubes MORE? Source:

  6. Doreatha Reply:

    Menstrual Cycle ( girls only) thanks? Do you get upset when it comes?? HOw can you deal with having it?? how to make sanitary napkins feel more comfortable?? thanks so much!!

  7. Tonja Reply:

    Im 16, and I have leukemia!My symptoms were:Bad, sharp, hip pain! I could feel it when I sat for awhile, but i could also feel the sharp pain go down my leg with every step I took!My nose bled all the time! I would wake up in the morning with blood on my pillow!The final thing that convinced me to tell my mom I really need to see the doctors was when I was getting in the shower one night and I had a scary black/ purple spot on my back, and I also had a few other bruises on my body!I also always felt like I was going to faint, and I never felt like eating anymore!Having cancer is not questionable! You will know, you will feel sick like you never have before!Its scary! /:

  8. Isobel Reply:

    Answer it! What are the chances that a 14 yr old will live through leukemia? Answer it! How long can a girl have discharge until she starts her period? usually 6

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