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How do people with down syndrome usually die?

Heart defects, leukemia, and frequent infections afflict people with Down! Modern medicine allows most to live into adulthood! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sharon M Reply:

    My son died of down when he was 1 year old with complications of pneumonia, and a very high fever.At the time of his death we had to lean him into pillows as he could not sit up, could not feed himself and was still on baby food. He could not crawl or walk. For many years I blamed God for taking him from me only to realize after 50 years God spared me the pain and also the pain of my child from growing up with this disease. Forgive me God and thank you for what you did.

  2. Sun Reply:

    People with Angelman syndrome live just as long as other people do. Most babies with Canavan disease die within 18 months and few patients Down syndrome is usually caused by the 21st chromosome creating an extra copy of itself. Source:

  3. Chan Reply:

    You have probably seen people who have Down syndrome. Kids with Down syndrome usually have trouble learning and are slower to learn how to But despite their challenges, kids with Down syndrome can go to regular schools, make Others would die from their heart problems or other problems they had at birth.

  4. Charles Reply:

    Individuals with Down syndrome have a greatly increased morbidity rate, primarily because of infections involving impaired immune response. The high mortality rate later in life may be the result of premature aging. Source:

  5. Michele Reply:

    Down’s syndrome usually isn’t deadly as such. However, it brings with it a couple of medical problems, like high blood presure and such, which tends to shorten the life span of afflicted persons. Source:

  6. Eulah Reply:

    They don’t anymore. The avg. lifespan for someone with Down syndrome is 80. They used to die young because there was a lack of proper healthcare Source:

  7. Vernie Reply:

    Are people with turner’s syndrome or kleinfelters syndrome actually intersex people? They have like xxx or xxy or some other gene variation! I read some “women” with turner’s

  8. Charity Reply:

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  9. Vanda Reply:

    Why do people with Down syndrome die young? Does an extra chromosome cause down syndrome? Down's syndrome usually isn't deadly as such.

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