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Is blood cancer always fatal?

Myelengous Leukemia, which can also be known as Blood Cancer, can definitely be fatal, however, it’s not always fatal! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Selma Reply:

    The feline leukemia virus (FeLV), a cancer that attacks white blood cells, is always fatal. Owners are alerted to the fact that Fatal Diseases in Dogs. There are Source:

  2. Jenna Reply:

    Dec 10, 2011 Leukemia is usually a cancer of the white blood cells. It is divided into type If untreated, acute leukemia is always fatal. How Common is Acute

  3. Trisha Reply:

    Exact causes of testicular cancer are not known. Risk factors include: undescended testicle, congenital defect or family history. Source:

  4. Coletta Reply:

    She had a tumor removed from her mouth had bone scraped,000 vet said its an aggressive be done is this true type cancer nothing else can blood count is at 55 he said she has

  5. Hannelore Reply:

    Cancer does not cause fevers! With that high a fever she should be fighting an infection and it seems strange that her white blood count would not be elevated! And neither people nor cats want to eat when they have a high fever!I wonder too what they are going to biopsy – maybe a lymph node I guess! At least that would not be an invasive procedure when she is so sick! I am sure the vet will give her fluids and probably an antibiotic in hope the fever will come down!Cancer is also a disease most commonly found in elderly people and animals so your kitty has youth on her side!I have two cats right now with cancer and have been on the Yahoo group feline-cancer so you can join there for support! In the time I have belonged there has never been a cat with any cancer under one year of age!So I think there is hope for your cat! If a cancer diagnosis is made you should join for the Yahoo group for support and information about how cats are being treated, etc!

  6. Darcey Reply:

    Coughing becomes severe and may bring up flecks of blood. Serious side effects in cancer patients most often occur in the lungs and may indicate that the .. of penicillin and other antibiotics, bacterial pneumonia was almost always fatal.

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