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Is cinnamon good for stomach aches?

Cinnamon tea has been known to aid a stomach ache, and also to lower bad cholesterol levels, fight medication resistant yeast infection, has an anti clotting effect on the blood and can even reduce the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cells! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tanya Reply:

    Toddler stomach aches can be frustrating for both parent and toddler. Stomach pains can result Adding cinnamon into the warm tea is helpful in stopping stomach pains. Cinnamon is a . Best Dog Breeds for Families. Others Also Viewed Source:

  2. Renetta Reply:

    Apr 8, 2008 Cinnamon and honey taste good. They probably can’t hurt Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach ache and also clears stomach

  3. Emelia Reply:

    The best natural way to treat a stomach ache is to lay on your back with a heating pad on your stomach. You could also try some over the counter medicine like Gas-ex to relieve any gas you may have. If the problem persists you should contac… Source:

  4. Cinderella Reply:

    To cure a stomach ache I usually like to drink some ginger ale or water. I eat some saltine crackers and some soup broth. It calms the stomach. If it’s really bad you can try Pepto Bismal. Source:

  5. Carmel Reply:

    There are numerous causes for a stomach ache. It could be from something as simple as something that you ate didn’t agree with you. It could be from food poisioning, a stomach virus, stomach ulcers and so on. It if is a continuous problem, … Source:

  6. Angelo Reply:

    I am only twelve and I,body aches,stomach aches , and nausea all of a have been getting bad migraines sudden? please help it is really effecting my studies ! any information w

  7. Tonette Reply:

    natural cinnamon sticks do not contain caffeine, so as long as you are not using caffeinated cinnamon products, it will be fine! some stores will have tea specifically for childrens tummy aches, and as long as it is decaf, it will be ok to brew cinnamon into it!

  8. Deb Reply:

    Cinnamon is naturally sweet with a delightfully spicy fragrance due to the essential oils Is honey peppermint tea good for stomach ache? Yes, sipping it can

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