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Is there a cure for leukemia in cats?

Currently there are only experimental treatments and supportive care, which has helped a few cats recover! Your specific cat would determine whether or not it is eligible for an experimental treatment! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cristi Reply:

    While there is no known cure for feline leukemia, herbal treatments may help to enhance the cat's immune system. Most cats with leukemia get sick from Source:

  2. Alease Reply:

    No cure, but a vet can do chemo which may buy some time Very expensive! I wouldn’t put my cat through chemo though They don’t know it is for their own good and this makes them suffer even worse. I never heard of the B-17 treatments. Y

  3. Gwenn Reply:

    Feline Leukemia is Devastating There is no denying that feline leukemia can be a devastating disease for both you and your cat. There are three types of feline leukemia, below you will find those types: • FeLV – this feline leukemia occurs … Source:

  4. Raylene Reply:

    chemotherapy , eating grapes are two of them. Source:

  5. Cleora Reply:

    Feline leukemia is a retrovirus that is transferred between cats. It can cause cancer, blood disorders and immune system deficiency. The life expectancy depends on what illnesses the cat develops. You can help make your remaining time toget… Source:

  6. Latoya Reply:

    Is there cure for leukemia in cats? I want to give them B-17, but I don’t know how much

  7. Bobbi Reply:

    Im sorry but there is no cure for feline leukemia! You should have your kitten tested rather than simply worrying about it!For cats exposed to the virus one of three things can happen!1! The cat may rid the virus from its own system before the infection reaches the bone marrow and causes persistent infection!2! The cat can go into chronic carrier state, in which it reaches a stand-off, with the virus!3! The cat dies from the effects of the virus within weeks to months!The vast majority of those that do recover, are those in group (1) and this is very rare in the unvaccinated cat population! Worse news yet is regarding kittens! Kittens born with or exposed to the virus simply dont have a strong enough immune system to fight the virus making them very poor doers, and unfortunately, most die within the first 6 months of life!Take your kitty to the vet so you know what you are facing! I wish you the best and hope for good news!

  8. Lenna Reply:

    When used in treatment of cats infected with FeLV in non-terminal clinical stages (over the age of 9 weeks) there

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