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What are the chances to be cured from leukemia?

With today’s technology and advances in medical treatments, you should have a good chance of beating leukemia! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ermelinda Reply:

    Scientific research has pointed to grape seed extract as a possible leukemia cure . However, be aware that using the extract for this purpose is not yet medically Source:

  2. Maryanne Reply:

    As a group, leukemias account for about 25% of all childhood cancers and affect about 2200 American young people each year. Luckily, the chances for a cure

  3. Betsy Reply:

    They use things like drugs and I have no idea I’m the one who wanted to know and that’s why you never use Source:

  4. Karyn Reply:

    Answer Leukemia is one of the forms of Cancer that is experiencing some amazing breakthroughs. Your chances of recovery depend greatly on your health and other conditions that can’t be plugged in to a mathematical formula. Your doctor or lo… Source:

  5. Candance Reply:

    chemotherapy , eating grapes are two of them. Source:

  6. David Reply:

    how is leukemia cured? leukemia is a cancer and i would like to know how it is cured

  7. Dawn Reply:

    I dont know what to say to a question like this! You marry someone because you love them! Tomorrow is promised to no one! She wont be able to have children if shes had chemo, so can you live with that?? She may continue on the same course as she has all these years! Can you live with that?? She may be cured one day and then again she could die!You could get hit tomorrow by a bus!!!or you could get cancer!!!what are your chances of surviving?? I doubt very much God lives in yahoo and has an answer for you, so you decide if you love this girl and want to be there for her or move on and let her be!

  8. Charlsie Reply:

    Well actually you get leukemia when abnormal of control to such an extent that normal blood cells are unable to develop. Leukemia starts in the bone

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