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What could be wrong if my liver hurts?

Bearn-Kunkel, Dubin-Johnson, leukemia, liver abscess, mononucleosis, pylephlebitis, & schistosomiasis cause liver pain! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nancie Reply:

    Heed the signs of an enlarged liver; if necessary, your doctor can diagnose an enlarged liver—common symptoms include abdominal pain and tenderness. Source:

  2. Delila Reply:

    They said there is nothing wrong with my appendix or gallbladder, and that Does the pain change if you get on your hands and knees and let

  3. Sharlene Reply:

    You could have a bladder infection. It is best to see your doctor, he is the only one who can make a diagnosis. Source:

  4. Eleanor Reply:

    Bruises I have this problem and it really worried me so I I went to see my Dr who did a bunch of blood tests etc. It turns out that I just had less clotting agent in my blood (some blood types have less than others apparently). However ther… Source:

  5. Edna Reply:

    As for causes of liver pain- a fatty liver can cause pain. This can be caused by excessive body fat. Source:

  6. Jeannette Reply:

    What is wrong with me? Every time i drink anything other than water my liver whenever i drink anything other hurts =-/? Ok i hve noticed that than water, 10 minutes later or s

  7. Billy Reply:

    Your liver is under your ribcage kind of towards the middle! You need to start worrying about your liver if your urine gets very dark, your stools get a chalk looking color and your skin and eyes get a yellow/orange look to it! (jaundice)If you were born with a condition and you are worried you should talk to your doctor! There are other possible reasons for pain and you can actually be feeling refereed pain! Meaning the pain may not actually be where you are feeling it! The nerves may be transferring the pain from a different point on your body!

  8. Kirby Reply:

    What could be wrong if you have pain in your right side and yellow urine? Could be gallstones, maybe a liver condition, or something to do with the spleen.

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