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What do doctors do with the extra umbilical cord after the baby is delivered?

The umbilical cord can have blood extracted from it because it contains cord blood which have attracted the attention of researchers as a lifesaving resource for transplantation in patients with leukemia and other conditions! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alfredia Reply:

    Your doctor will look for a condition called "holoprosencephaly," in which the two uterus, umbilical cord or placenta to be tested for the presence of an extra thirteenth obstetrician will take notice if your baby is born with a single umbilical artery. Eighty-five percent of children born with the condition do not live past their Source:

  2. Earlie Reply:

    What do the doctors do after the baby is delivered? Do the Or do they cut the umbilical cord and give the baby straight to you? . Its nice to have the help at first, I found that I was so tired from delivery I loved the extra help that was provided.

  3. Carolann Reply:

    The remainder of the umbilical cord, after it is cut, is still attached to the placenta, and it and the placenta are disposed of as medical waste (incinerated). There are a number of things done with the cord blood (testing, etc), and most … Source:

  4. Cherilyn Reply:

    Has anyone stored their baby’s umbilical cord in a cord? I was just wondering about blood bank? How much does it cost cord blood banking. I would appreciate any opinions on it

  5. Gussie Reply:

    I hope you have checked with the hospital about their policies! Some of these they may absolutely not be able to allow, such as having your partner sleep in your room, some hospitals just do not let it happen! When I was in hospital I heard the lady in the next room arguing with a nurse because she wanted her husband to stay they night and they would not allow it! Also if you give birth in the early hours of the morning, once you are taken to your room all visitors will probably be told to leave! Most hospitals have set visiting hours and outside these hours they do not allow ANYONE including your partner to visit! Also, if you live in the US I believe most hospitals do not allow you to eat during labour! If you live in Australia, they do!You have to remember that your hospital will probably not bend their policies and procedures for you, yes it is nice to want all of these things but I think some of them are a bit unrealistic! You are absolutely entitled to say what you want during your labour and delivery but outside of that you may not get what you want if their rules do not allow it!ETA: Sorry, when I typed up my answer you hadnt added that you had already spoken to them yet!

  6. Iva Reply:

    added How do you use Stethoscope to hear the baby heart beat to AnswerChances are, when you did your ultrasound it was the umbilical cord that was seen and not a penis. . Can i take the abortion pill without concerning the doctor? with both of my children the edd was not correct. my first was born a week after the.

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