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What does it mean if my liver hurts?

There are many things that can cause liver pain! Drinking a lot can cause liver disease! Possible illness that cause liver pain are Leukemia, Liver abscess, Mononucleosis, Weil syndrome and Schistosomiasis! Do you have any other symptoms?? ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Pa Reply:

    The human liver acts as a kind of screening system for the body, processing toxins from food, associated with an enlarged liver—common symptoms include abdominal pain and tenderness. What Does it Mean If Your Liver Is Enlarged? Source:

  2. Wanda Reply:

    I mean alcohol. Do you What I believe was happening was mechanical pressure on my liver from my lower ribs. Does the pain change if you get on your hands and knees and let your abdominal contents "hang" freely?

  3. Temika Reply:

    It means that you could of ate something too oily, or burned..or idk..u can go to doctors and let them look at it or something…don’t worrie eat more fruits and veges and drink alot of water…try not to eat any junk foos or drink pops/ene… Source:

  4. Lurlene Reply:

    If you take the medication as prescibed, it’s not known to be harmful to your liver. It is a medicine recommended for persons with reduced liver function, actually. Source:

  5. Cecil Reply:

    Your liver may be tender for several reasons. It could be inflamed, or rather the area around the liver is what hurts. If that is the case, it should pass in time. If not, do check with your doctor. Source:

  6. Marya Reply:

    What is wrong with my liver ? It has a sharp stabbing pain that pulsates.

  7. Selma Reply:

    i had that problem a couple yrs ago! they told me the same thing and said that it wasnt anything to worry about, it would probably heal itself and to come back in 2wks! i was back in the er the next day due to passing out! they gave me a full body cat scan and found out i had kidney stones!! so you might want to talk to your doctor about that!

  8. Kyla Reply:

    What does it mean when your liver hurts? Please see Related Link for a site that lists the many possible sources of pain in the liver. (Note that it can be difficult to

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