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What is it when I cough up brown stuff all the time?

Coughing up brown phlegm is a sign of bronchitis, pneumonia,and in some instances leukemia! Unless you’re a smoker,it’s the smoke!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Krissy Reply:

    The mucus typically has a dark yellow or brown color, but if you notice All this coughing and hacking up mucus may cause you to worry, but this is one Source:

  2. Marge Reply:

    Nov 25, 2010 Are you coughing up phlegm and thinking that you are suffering from common cold? Blood in mucus appears as red or brown spots. If not treated in time, it can lead to chest congestion. . when it rained i have got a bad cole 3 times with in 2 months so has my 8 month old baby which is not good at all

  3. Autumn Reply:

    You might be pregnant.I said MIGHT!!!! Sorry you probably aren’t but ask your dr. Source:

  4. Gerda Reply:

    Coughing up yellow, green or rusty brown phlegm is normal. The color is the bacteria and infection coming out of the body. Source:'m-coughing-up-greenish-brown-stuff

  5. Paulita Reply:

    If you smoke, that is why. If not, have you inhaled something unusual? If it persists or worsens, please see your doctor. Thanks! Source:

  6. Otha Reply:

    I cough up small chunks of brown stuff when I cough will bring up small pieces? Occasionally when I cough I (like maybe the size of a grain of rice) of brown/yellow stuff. It

  7. Nila Reply:

    Yes, there have been situations, usually with pregnant women, where the epidural is done wrong and it can cause problems with the nerves in the legs and hips! I havent heard of people having problems with their breathing due to one though! You should see a pulmonary doctor to rule out any lasting infection or disease process that would cause the breathing problems! The stuff you are coughing up sounds like you could have a chronic bronchitis going on!

  8. Ruthe Reply:

    Blood from your nose and sinuses can also mix with your nasal mucus, run down Black-looking phlegm you cough up can be residue from smoking that is stuck in Brown means bronchitis, black could mean that you are bleeding inside. By doing so, you include all of your history (contributions, messages, profile) from

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