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What makes your liver hurt?

Causes of liver pain include leukemia, liver abscess, mononucleosis, schistosomiasis, pylephlebitis, Weil syndrome! Consult M!D! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gladys Reply:

    Before this alcohol-laden blood enters your bloodstream it makes its way to the liver. Although the liver makes more of the dehydrogenase enzyme, the enzyme Source:

  2. Dennis Reply:

    Make Y! My Homepage If you think your guts hurt bad now.. if you actually do have liver failure it is going to hurt ten times worse than this before it is done and

  3. Guadalupe Reply:

    There are various medical conditions that can make your ovaries hurt, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian cysts. Your ovaries can also hurt during ovulation. Seek medical attention if pain persists. Source:

  4. Angelo Reply:

    As weird as liver and onions sounds, I’m sure it’s nutritious. The only place I know of that has a vast variety of recipes for just about anything you want to make is Source:

  5. Karrie Reply:

    Your liver may be tender for several reasons. It could be inflamed, or rather the area around the liver is what hurts. If that is the case, it should pass in time. If not, do check with your doctor. Source:

  6. Maggie Reply:

    I have extra fat around my liver and wanted to now if it will grow and hurt me/

  7. Valene Reply:

    While alcohol can damage your liver, it usually doesnt cause you pain in this regard! Needless to say, thats how people end up with cirrhosis (liver failure- and yes, its fatal)As a previous responder mentioned, you may have gall bladder disease, which typically presents with a constant pain in the area of the liver, worst after eating, especially a meal with fat and often accompanied by nausea!Similarly, gastritis, or inflammation of the stomach caused by alcohol, can present with pain, usually in the top middle of the stomach, but I imagine it could be in th area of the liver as well!!!As for causes of liver pain- a fatty liver can cause pain! This can be caused by excessive body fat as well as alcohol- the treatment is losing weight (and stopping drinking)! Hepatitis in its many forms can cause liver pain!!!and a few other liver conditions! You will need to see your doctor to have them sorted out!

  8. Christine Reply:

    Soda doesn't make your back hurt. It makes your liver hurt. It may feel like its our back because your liver is located in that region. The large amounts of artificial

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