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What usually causes red blood cells to be higher than white?

Neutropenia, HIV, and Leukemia are all reasons why you would have low white blood cells making your WBC higher than RBC! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Travis Reply:

    Inflammation changes the proteins in red blood cells causing them to bind to one an inflammatory disorder causing stiffness and pain usually in the shoulders, neck thyroid disease and lupus also cause ESR rates to be higher than average. cell anemia or conditions that cause an increase in either red or white blood Source:

  2. Vernell Reply:

    Blood Basics; Red Blood Cells; White Blood Cells; Platelets; Nutrients in the Blood of blood) in someone with an infection often is higher than usual because more Conditions that can cause a reduced production of red blood cells include: although HIV infection of the fetus and newborn is usually preventable with

  3. Tilda Reply:

    There are a bunch of different types of white cells; I am sure that they "all" are not elevated. You really need a second set of blood test to see which one is and to check for a massive infection. Based on the type of white blood cell that… Source:

  4. Emiko Reply:

    Usually when your white blood cell (WBC) count is up, it means that you have some type of infection. If it is too high it can be a sign of cancer. There is a range that WBC can be in and be safe (ie it can go up or down a few numbers and st… Source:

  5. Louvenia Reply:

    Well to much white blood cells is ok but not ok, know what i mean? you might want to have that checked by a doctor. you need the same amount like about the same amount. to much is not good Source:

  6. Vasiliki Reply:

    In normal blood, what is the ration (reduced to the simplest form) of red blood cells to white blood cells? bio lab

  7. Argentina Reply:

    1! B2! D3! C4! D13! When the phloem is removed, root no longer get nutrition from photosynthesis in leaves! When it dies and decays, there is no water and mineral absorption to support photosynthesis and cell metabolism! Then the entire tree death follows!So far i can answer 5 questions! The rest questions are harder!

  8. Angele Reply:

    Yes animals have red and white blood cells like humans. However the blood types are different for red blood cells in different species. Also amphibians, reptiles

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