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How to Change Shower Faucet

You may have similar questions as How To Change A Shower Faucet and How To Change A Shower Tub Faucet,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Change A Shower Faucet Cartridge. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Shower Faucet Replacement,too. Read more as following:

To change a shower faucet you will need an adjustable wrench. Turn the old shower head counter clockwise to remove. After old head is off clean the threads and if it is a metal head you will need to apply plumbers tape around the threads. Screw your new head back until it is snug. If you have leaks tighten just a little bit more.

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How to Change a Shower Faucet?

Take a screwdriver and wedge the covers off the center of the shower knobs, revealing screws. Unscrew the faucet and carefully disconnect the plumbing. Replace with a new faucet, reattach the plumbing and screw back into place…. More »

How to change a shower tub faucet?

1. Turn off your home water main near the water heater or shut the shower water supply off by closing the valves behind the shower wall. 2. Find the retainer screw on the handle of the shower faucet. It is located on the side of the handle in most ca… More »

How to change a shower faucet cartridge?

1. Turn off the shower’s main water supply at the valve located next to the water meter. Drain the water lines by opening the water faucet in the shower to remove all water in the pipes. This will make the disassembly process easier. 2. Use the screw… More »

How to change a peerless shower faucet?

1. Turn off the water to your shower by closing the water lines in the home. Shut the valve on the main water pipe leading to the water heater. 2. Take off the handle to the Peerless faucet by unscrewing the small, round screw on the base with an All… More »

How to change a single shower faucet?

1. Turn off the main water supply valves that supply water to your single shower faucet. You usually can find these valves in the basement. Turn the faucet on to drain any water still in the supply pipe. 2. Wedge a small flathead screwdriver’s head u… More »

How to change a shower faucet seal?

1. Apply a commercial caulk remover to treat any old, existing sealant according to the instructions on the product label. Cut into the sealant with a utility knife once it has softened. 2. Use a plastic scraper as leverage for lifting especially stu… More »

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  1. Faustina says:

    The water keeps running on my Price Pfister bathtub/shower faucet, even though I’ve turned it off. Is it the washer? How do I change that?

  2. Gaboy0530 says:

    i have delta tub and shower faucets in both of my bathrooms.i would like to change them to a different named brand.

  3. Nikki-leigh says:

    I found a cheap shower faucet on ebay that I want, but there is no posi valve included. I am replacing an existing shower faucet, so does that mean I don’t need a new valve or would I for the new one?


  4. Julesgirl says:

    Do I need to get a shower valve socket wrench? Is it a pretty easy job? I’m tired of using pliers to turn my bathtub/shower faucets on and off…
    Also, do I need to turn off the water to my house before I change the shower stems?

  5. Sheryl says:

    We’re gonna buy the regulator valve at home depot. How much should it cost to have it installed. The one we have right now does not work. Also how much should it cost to fix the leaky shower faucet???
    also the regulator is located outside

  6. Breanna says:

    i am switching my shower faucet from the 3 handle valve to a single handle. i have copper pipping and would like to switch that out with a flexible pipe. the copper pipe might be soldered with the main port. i need to know if i can do this job my self or do i have to get a plumber.

  7. Joanna says:

    I have a Moen shower faucet and it is starting to leak from in the handle out. I want to change the carterage or assembley. But when i went to take the handle off, the screw head was almost stripped. Is there any tool or any way to take the screw off so i can get the handle off.

  8. Madisun says:

    the water temperature changes in the shower, also when using other faucets in the house, have already had the hot water tank changed so have no idea what to do now to eliminate this problem

  9. Geckofrog says:

    I have changed the hot & cold stems, gaskets and seats. I still cannot get it to stop.
    I tried the seat w/out anything and then i tried tape and everything is plenty tight, probably to tight.

  10. Oh Pickles says:

    I just moved into a new place and the water pressure for the showers is really bad. The maintenance person changed the shower heads but that didnt help. Is there anything at all that I can do to make the water pressure stronger? Please help, I am desperate for a decent shower!

  11. Arlene says:

    where is the washer located? in the knob ? or under the tub water faucet?

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