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How to Clean Mold Off Walls

You may have similar questions as How Do I Clean Mold and How To Clean Mold Off A Shower Wall,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Clean Mold Off Basement Concrete Walls. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Black Mold Removal from Drywall,too. Read more as following:

The best way to clean mold from your walls is to use a 1:9 bleach and water solution to wash it down. Use rubber gloves, goggles and a mask (if available) and wash the entire area. The black mold is dead; but the live mold may be unnoticeable to the eye. Once you have cleaned the wall check to see that it is still firm and in good shape. If it is repaint the wall with an anti-mold paint or prime such as KILZ II. Remember to use an exhaust fan to eliminate moisture in the area.

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How do I Clean Mold?

Oh boy, I am hoping this is a small area of mold you are looking to clean. If not, you really want to call the professionals. However, if not an area too big, you can clean the area with a non-ammonia soap to remove the mold. After you remove the mol… More »

How to clean mold off a shower wall?

1. Fill the plastic spray bottle with white vinegar. Mark the bottle "Vinegar" with a permanent marker. This is to prevent accidental misuse when thinking the spray bottle is full of water. 2. Ventilate the bathroom by opening a window or turning on… More »

How to Clean Mold off Basement Concrete Walls

Mold is a common problem in damp areas, such as basements; the mold spores thrive on the moisture found there. If you’ve found mold on your concrete walls, you want to remove it as soon as possible, as both live and dead mold spores can affect your f… More »

How to Clean Mold Off a Painted Shower Wall

Damp areas with poor air circulation, such as the shower, often develop mold growth. Painted walls within a shower area can provide the food source that mold needs to thrive and multiply. Once you discover mold growth on your painted shower wall, tak… More »

How to clean black mold off the walls in a bathroom?

1. Mist the bathroom walls where black mold exists using a spray bottle filled with plain water. 2. Using a bucket allows you to move around with your cleaning solution. Prepare a cleaning solution for the first part of mold removal: Fill a bucket wi… More »

How to clean mold off bathroom walls?

1. Mix a solution of one part chlorine bleach to one part water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. 2. Open the bathroom windows or door to provide air circulation while using chlorine bleach. Spray the bathroom walls with the solution. Let the solut… More »

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  1. Theresa C says:

    I want to clean off mould off the wall without bleaching the timber itself. It is only in one spot where towels were hung in the past. While soap, water & elbow grease will work, is one soap better than another?

  2. Edwin Guallpa says:

    What is the best way to get mould off old slate (natural) tiles in a shower? I would prefer natural solutions as I’m against flushing bleach down the drain, but any solutions would be appreciated. A solution that prevents the mould from coming back would also be very appreciated.

  3. Melissa Hillman says:

    Is there a good way of cleaning white mould off a wooden picture frame and keeping it from coming back? Have tried cleaning it, but the white mould just comes back. Also got the same problem with a stoneware vase. Are they both saveable, or should I just bin them?

  4. Chey says:

    I have bef but took some of the paint off. I used bleach/water. Also, it gave me an awful sore throat, even with good ventilation. There is no electric vent/fan in our bathroom, only a window. Anything else work better than bleach??

  5. Leo says:

    It only fades when I scrub and won’t come off entirely?
    Can you just mix thick bleach with water??

  6. Kylie says:

    The previous owners hooked up a shower in the only bathroom (which had just a bathtub in it) and did not install a fan or vent. So now the walls and ceiling are full of mold and peeling wall paper.

  7. John says:

    mold seems to be coming back again and again on my bedroom walls. this wall faces the outside of my house.

  8. James Baker says:

    My boyfriend has black mold growing on his basement walls. They are cement. In the past this room was used for a bedroom. He would like to get it cleaned up and use it again, but not in the condition it is in. Please– only serious answers.

  9. Mallory Molenda says:

    Ok so my bedroom has a serious damp problem, and as a result there is black mould, we had a proper clean up before with anti damp paint and all sorts, but its still growing back, and my walls are soaking wet, its depressing. Somebody help please

  10. Kinglouie says:


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