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How to Get High Off of Duct Tape

You may have similar questions as How To Make A High Quality Duct Tape Wallet and How To Clean Duct Tape Residue Off Paneling,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Get Duct Tape Off A Window. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Duct Tape Prom Dress,too. Read more as following:

Of all the things that duct tape and be used for from home remedies to quick fixes around the house, getting high is not on the list. Some state it can be smoked but rather than smoke it more or less melts.

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How to make a high quality duct tape wallet?

1. Cut four pieces of colored duct tape with the scissors, making each piece is at least 9 inches. With the glue side facing up, stick the four pieces together, with a 1/2-inch overlap. 2. Repeat Step One with black duct tape. 3. Measure the height (… More »

How to clean duct tape residue off paneling?

1. Saturate paper towels with white distilled vinegar and wring out the paper towels. 2. Tear the paper towels in strips about 1/4 inch wider than the strips of duct tape residue, and press firmly over the residue. The moisture will allow the paper t… More »

How to get duct tape off a window?

1. Peel off as much of the duct tape as possible. 2. Drench a paper towel with white vinegar. Open the paper towel and press over the duct tape. The moisture allows the paper towel to stay in place on the window surface. 3. Let the paper towel sit fo… More »

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  1. Jeff says:

    tape? What makes duct tape different than other types of tape?
    Alright, black tape for electrical repairs. But what makes duct tape different from other tape? If you don’t use it for your electrical repairs, what do you use duct tape for?

  2. Boxinii says:

    We just put duct tape over them and he pulls them off. We also spanked him but it keeps happening over and over again. We are thinking of moving to a house where the electric sockets are 5 feet high.

  3. Noname says:

    The inside window on my oven door cracked and broke I need something I can use to fix it temporarly until I can purchase a new door. Any suggestions? I know that I looked into duct tape but that only can withstand up to 200*F and with the oven it needs to be able to go up to 500*F.

  4. Reverse says:

    I make duct tape wallets( im really good t them) and I’m going into 9th grade on the 22nd and i know alot of people would wanna buy one. So I thought I’d make some money off of it. I don’t have a bunch of friends so I don’t really know how to get the word out.

  5. Cassie says:

    Do I use water and a friction-lesser? Do I duct tape my project to a big pillow to minimize vibrations? Do I drill fast? Do I drill slow.

  6. Pudsicle says:

    when i meant scientific way, i meant the scientific report thing in high school where you have the aim, hypothesis, method & other stuffs.

  7. Aiden says:

    How to take the flywheel off a 73 johnson seahorse 25hp?
    i rented a flywheel puller from autozone but it didnt come off. and whats the difference betweeen a johnson 25 hp and a johnson seahorse 25 hp and a evin rude 25 hp?

  8. Anthony Monteleone says:

    Winters are frequently below 0 with high winds. Summer can make the brick very hot. Would mortar work in a thin layer?

  9. Nddork=] says:

    The cord on my Iron is frayed in one spot.

  10. Macy says:

    I have a 4th high x 2ftdeep x 2ft wide viv with a heat lamp and am wanting to grow hibiscus seeds any help will be welcomed

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