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How to Make Artificial Stone

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Artificial stones can make nice decorations. You can easily make them. To do this you will need sodium hydroxide, quartz sand, sodium silicate, groung bricks, rubber molds, a mortar tub, water and mineral pigments.

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How to install artificial stones?

1. Spread out a drop cloth across your work area to make cleanup easier. Position a layer of galvanized mesh over the concrete, brick or cinder block surface you intend to lay the arificial stone over. Secure the mesh to the masonry surface using con… More »

How to clean artificial stone?

1. Start by preparing the floor below the area of stonework you intend to clean by placing a large painter’s drop cloth butting up to the stonework. If the stonework is a hearth of a fireplace, you will still want to drape the drop cloth on the floor… More »

How to make artificial stone?

1. Crumple pieces of chicken wire to the size and basic shape you’d like your faux stone to be. Don’t worry about making them perfect, as unique angles and ridges will give your stones a more natural appearance. 2. Spray foam insulation into the chic… More »

How to use artificial stone?

1. Use a tape measure to measure the size of your paving site. Lay ropes along the edges to create an outline. Stand inside of the site and consider if it’s large enough for your family and furniture. 2. Dig out the dirt within the rope outline with… More »

How to clean artificial manufactured stone?

1. Add a mild cleaner to a bucket of warm water. The exact amounts will vary based on the specific cleaner, but generally a few drops or a capful of cleaner to one regular sized bucket is enough. 2. Spray the artificial stones with a hose, getting th… More »

How to make artificial stones for jewelry?

1. Use a metal edge ruler to grind pieces of colored chalk into a fine powder. Unless you have access to powdered chalk, this is the method you need to use to get powdered chalk. Once you have the desired amount, mix in baby powder, or other powder c… More »

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  1. says:

    I noticed there is mortar/grout on my artificial stone veneer. How do I remove it without damaging the stone?

  2. Curlyqsbabe says:

    All other factors being equal, how would decorative stone siding — either natural or artificial stone veneer — affect the resale value of a house, compared to vinyl siding or regular brick?

  3. Samantha W says:

    Granite , quartz or artificial stone?

  4. Jax13 says:

    writing a paper and all i can find is that it was made of artificial stone. anyone know anything more specific than that?

  5. Melanthe Espia says:

    I have some old stone for sharpening my tool but I’am not sure what kind of lubrification use.

  6. Ryder says:

    Or other good stone for honing my carving tools?

  7. Hannahgail says:

    The surface of the stone is noticeably smoother. I know you can buy sandpaper-like artificial stones that do not have this problem but i like the idea of using a pumice stone.

  8. Jyotish says:

    artificial diamonds be made without any flaws? When you pass lightbeams through natural and artificial diamonds, do lightbeams behave the same way?

  9. Georgia says:

    damn i just can’t find them!! you know those huge clusters of metal/stone stuff that are by the ocean?

  10. Babyv22 says:

    I would like to work with A.I. after a few years of college and would like to know where to focus my efforts in learning programming languages. I see that Java/C(+,#,etc) and a few others are used, but what do I start with, to learn. A good stepping stone if you will?

  11. Kimmie says:

    we are new company for manufacturing artificial wall stone in Ireland and we lookig for more customers who want to by our product

  12. Bleach_rox says:


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