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How to Reset Clock Chimes

You may have similar questions as How To Reset My Chiming Clock and How To Reset The Chime On A Grandfather Clock,or you may also seek several useful information about How Do I Synchronize Chime Clock. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Setting Clock Chimes,too. Read more as following:

Once you have wind up both spring motors of the clock, turn the minute hand around til your here the chime. Next, count how many times the chime sounds and set the hour hand to that number. Lastly, take the minute and and turn till the right time is set, start your pendulum and you are set.

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How to reset my chiming clock?

1. Place one forefinger gently on the minute hand and push it lightly over to the number 12. Your clock will now naturally emit a series of chimes. Count how many chimes it emits and remember this number. 2. Move the hour hand very gently to this num… More »

How to reset the chime on a grandfather clock?

1. Stop the pendulum on the grandfather clock when it starts to chime and mark the time. This is to make sure that the chime is operating at the designated time on the clock. 2. Remove the small nut that holds the minute hand in place using the plier… More »

How to synchronize a chime clock?

1. Set the time. Move the minute hand counterclockwise. Don’t turn the hour hand. It will move on its own, in tandem with the minute hand. 2. Keep moving the hand past the top of the dial. Don’t wait for the clock to chime as the minute hand passes e… More »

How to adjust chime clocks?

1. Check the position of the minute hand of the clock when the top-of-the-hour strike occurs. If it is a few minutes before or after the hour when the clock strikes, the minute hand requires an adjustment. 2. Open the access panel door to the pendulu… More »

How to oil a clock with chimes?

1. Open the clock up and locate the movement piece, which is comprised of two brass or metal plates with gears in it. Each gear has a brass wheel with a steel arbor and pivot. The pivot sits between the plates with an oil sink for each pivot found on… More »

How to Synchronize a Chime Clock

Chime clocks commonly play "Westminster," "Ave Maria" or Beethoven’s "Ode to Joy." The chime is selected using a switch on the side of the clock. "Westminster" is often abbreviated in the label to "West." "Ave Maria" and "Ode to Joy" are often marked… More »

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  1. Vmoney says:

    is there any way I can fix this so my clock chimes? can I somehow reset the chain?

  2. Spiritus Works says:

    It is working but how do i set it to chime the hours?

  3. Sharon Davis says:

    can I take the weights off and reset the chains?

  4. Liesha says:

    not working its stuck at the top. The clock is working fine just not chiming. Can I reset the chain that works the chimes.

  5. Hermione says:

    ?when it is twelve oclock it will chime once at two it chimes three times is there a certain way to set it?It runs on batteries Thanks

  6. Scripted says:

    the hour chime is chiming 1 hour too fast-how can I adjust it?

  7. Sally Cat says:

    If my clock reads 11am my clock chimes 10 times etc.
    i have read the small booklet and mentions nothing about troubleshooting

  8. Terri S says:

    Are they the same thing because I purchased a Power Adapter and it isn’t charging my laptop but it is keeping it on? (There is an X in the battery symbol) Thanks for your help.

  9. Suzan Frankfurt says:

    I’ve set my clock back one hour. But the chime is an hour off. If it’s 6 PM, it chimes as if it’s 7.

  10. Nic says:

    that keeps great time, but the chime is off. For example, if it’s 8:00 it chimes 11 times. Anybody know how to get it back on track? It also chimes once on the half hour and that works fine.

  11. Amber Muncy says:
  12. Tim says:

    After a power outage does the alarm company have to come and reset your alarm system so it registers at the police station. I cannot seem to reset the clock or get it to chime as a door opens. The alarm does go off as it should but i question if it still is monitored to the police station?

  13. Clover Bunny says:
  14. Wrapped In Plastic says:—p-92880.aspx

  15. Shane says:

    my analogue clock doesnt chime,and when i changed it to Big Benit worked for a little while and then stopped

  16. Eduardo says:


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