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When do We Turn Back Our Clocks

You may have similar questions as When Do We Put the Clocks Back and What Day Do We Turn Our Clocks Back,or you may also seek several useful information about Who Invented the Clock. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Wall Clocks,too. Read more as following:

Most parts of the United States turn their clocks back on the First Sunday in November, with each time zone switching at a different time. The European Union turns back their clocks the last Sunday in October, and all time zones there make the change at the same time.

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When do We Put the Clocks Back?

If you live in a state that observes Daylight Savings Time you will be moving you clocks back 1 hour on November 1st, 2009. The date changes every year. You should change the clock at 2am. That’s when bars change them. … More »

What Day do We Turn Our Clocks Back?

Day Light Savings Time in the fall its the first Sunday in November to to turn the clocks back and hour or "fall back" and in the spring, its the second Sunday in March to turn the clocks ahead an hour or "spring ahead"…. More »

Who invented the clock?

Cogitating Question There are various opinions about the first civilization to have measured time. Some say the Hindus, some Greeks, some Egyptians, etc. It is known that more than 7000yrs ago, the Hindus (Aryan Civilization) used to gaze at the sky… More »

When do We Change Our Clocks Back?

The weekend that comes after Halloween is when we turn our clocks back by an hour. Technically the first sunday in November we change our clocks…. More »

When do We Set Our Clocks Back?

We set our clocks back one hour on November 1, 2009. The date changes every year. This is to preserve Daylight Savings Time. Don’t forget or you’ll be an hour late on November 2nd! … More »

When do We Turn Clocks Back?

Just remember, time falls back in the fall and springs ahead in the spring. Daylight savings time stops on the first Sunday in November and starts back up on the second Sunday of March. Don’t forget to reset your clocks or you will either be an hour… More »

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  1. Steve The says:

    Can you please tell me the date that we will turn our clocks back in Ontario this fall? (2009)

  2. Riley says:

    how does it work, it really consuses me and its frustrating that i dont know !

    i mean i knoww we turn our clocks backwards and forwards but we cant contorl the time the sun comes up or goes down so ??

  3. Sofie says:

    I don’t know if it’s because we turned our clock back an hour, but today seemed SO SLOW! I mean, I kept thinking when I looked at the clock that really time would be an hour ahead if we didn’t turn our clocks back, which probably made the day seem slow. Does anyone else think today was a slow day?

  4. Marco says:

    when do we turn our clocks back here on the east coast this year?

  5. Horselover says:

    Exactly how the title reads, I want to know why we turn back our clocks in the winter and turn them forward in the spring.

  6. Blaze says:

    I Live in the United States. Last year they changed the ending of daylight savings time to the first sunday in November which is next weekend. Why in the h**l would someone turn me on for letting everyone know that????? Some people need to be a little more careful about who they turn in!

  7. Starry Eyed says:

    My computers clock hasn’t changed yet.

  8. That's Me says:

    Does anyone know when we turn our clocks back an hour this year. 2010. I was told its Oct 31st, but i thought it was first sunday in November, Nov. 7th. Which is right ?

  9. Brianna says:

    my son has accidently lent on the keyboard and has somehow managed to turn the screen ninety degrees, so we have to turn our heads sideways to view the screen, how do we fix this?? Many thanks

  10. Michael Pequeno says:

    For some reason my calender doesn’t have it. No rude comments.

  11. Creative 22 says:

    because i don’t if we need to change our clocks delay a hour or advance an hour?

  12. St3ndahl says:

    We’ve never had to change our clocks before. I just wondered what sparked the change?

  13. Xd says:

    thanks a lot

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