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Why Did my Pool Water Turn Green

You may have similar questions as How Do I Get Rid of Green Pool Water and How to Fix Green Swimming Pool Water,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Clear up Green Pool Water. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Can I Make My Pool Water Clear,too. Read more as following:

There are several possibilities for why your pool could have turned green. One is the Ph level may be wrong so you would need to purchase a Ph level measuring kit. Another reason is there may be algea in your pool and you may want to add chlorine or other chemicals and stay out for a couple of days.

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How do I Get Rid of Green Pool Water

When your pool water turns green, it’s time to drain it or treat the water with the chemicals it needs. To get rid of the green water from the pool you can use, a pool scrub brush, chemical testing kit, and chlorine a pump with a vacuum.After all thi… More »

How do i fix green swimming pool water?

1. Brush the sides of the pool using a stiff pool brush to remove algae that is stuck. Removal of the algae is necessary before applying extra chlorine. 2. Remove excessive algae from the surface of the pool water using a pool skimmer. Run the filter… More »

How can I clear up green pool water?

go to the store, buy a few gallons of bleach, pour into the center of pool and turn on pump, cover it if possible, will slow down the algae. Source(s): make chlorine bleach… More »

Is it safe to swim in a green pool?

i think in your case its just algae…should be no problem to swim in. add in a pack of antialgae. but not having the exact info i can not say what is hapenning to your pool. just to be safe i wouldnt swim in it. you might get an ear or eye infecion…. More »

How to stop pool water from turning green?

1. Understand how to shock your pool water. This process should always be done at night. Dissolve each dose of shock in a bucket of clean water, then add to the water one at a time. 2. Double shock your pool water. This can help get rid of algae in t… More »

What Makes Copper Turn Green?

Copper turns green and iron rusts. They both do this for the same reason. Copper oxidizes. The green that forms is actually called patina. This layer keeps the lower levels from further corrosion…. More »

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  1. Alli99 says:

    my pool water turns yellowish green once i add the chlorine to it. What can i do to avoid that from happening. Is this due to the presence of iron in the water.

  2. Lourdes says:

    It’s been a month since we added Duck off to our pool and we add a little more every week. But since the day we started, the pool water has turned green. Is it due to the Duck off? Are we using too much? Or could it be the ducks continue to defecate into the pool and the water now has algae?

  3. Vh. says:

    We’re getting ready to winterize our above ground pool – for the first time – and I’m wondering if even though we winterize, if I can expect the water to turn green anyway over time, or does it stay clear with winterizing and a cover?

  4. Goblue Gal says:

    or do I have to treat the water with something first. Just filled pool and water turned green while filling.

  5. Rosa Adame says:

    There’s this swimming pool in front of my block and the water used to be blue during summer and as it gets colder outside and it’s gonna be fall soon I see the water turn dark green.Why is it so?

  6. Moushi Moushi says:

    My saltwater pool turned green so I got it tested and treated it. It cleared up but over night it turned green again. It gets darker everyday. It went from lime green to swamp green and I dont know why. Both the pool and the pump are only a year old.

  7. Mizz Piggy says:

    We bought this pool last year. It is a 24 ft. by 48″ above ground latex lining. Last year basically the water turned green and cloudy. It would be nice if we could swim in it all summer. So do you know how to keep it maintained or are there any websites that may help? Thanks!

  8. Julia says:

    The pool turned green, because tenants did not care. I need to empty it and clean. How to do it? Please send me instructions and best produts to use, thansk

  9. Lucyy16 says:

    It has a salt water chlorinator. I had a water sample tested which showed OK , just needed a small amount of acid. Over the past week the water has turned green and I cannot see the bottom of the pool.

  10. Wildflower says:


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