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What does a Toga Look Like

You may have similar questions as What Does A Toga Look Like and How To Make A Strapless Looking Toga Out Of A Bed Sheet,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does An Ancient Greek Toga Look Like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Do U Make a Toga,too. Read more as following:

A toga looks like a large drape on the body. It was commonly worn by the Roman men. Shorts or long shirts covered the body when wearing the toga. Sandals were shoes that went with wearing a toga.

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What does a Toga Look Like?

Toga’s are basically cloth material that looks like a sheet, that is tied accordingly to fit like a full outfit. The toga closely resembles Roman Royalty attire. For more information, look here: … More »

How to make a strapless looking toga out of a bed sheet?

1. Grab a corner of the bed sheet and hold it underneath your right arm. 2. Pull the sheet around your body, making it snug. Wrap the sheet over your chest and underneath your left arm and around your body until you run out of bed sheet. Wrap the she… More »

What does an ancient Greek toga look like?

Really, it’s like your wearing a bed-sheets with out arm-holes…. More »

What does a Greek toga look like?

It looks like a short dress, usually white and draped…. More »

What did the toga look like in ancient Greece?

A long flowing robe (a bit like a sheet made from wool) worn over one shoulder and fastened on it. But Greeks did not wear them-only Roman citizens were allowed…. More »

What did roman rich men toga’s look like?

A rich man’s toga looked exactly like a poor man’s toga, but perhaps was made of finer, softer wool. All togas were normally an off white color. However if a man were running for an elected office, he would have his toga whitened with chalk in order… More »

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  1. Donthatexd says:

    I am being a Greek goddess for Halloween with a toga-looking dress, gold jewelry and shoes and a gold headband. I have fairly light skin, strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes. How should I do my makeup?

  2. Slick Blue says:

    It’s a black and white painting of a man layed out on a bed, looks like hes passed out, and a women leans over him in this toga looking dress. I think it was titled with the word vampire in it but i don’t remember. Does anyone know this painting and its name?
    YES! That’s it:) Thank you so much!

  3. Satan says:

    I have to go to a toga party and want to look cute, not like everyone draped in the mom’s least favourite sheet. This is a university party so modesty isn’t necessary. Links or directions on how to wrap or make myself a toga from material would be great and I don’t have time to buy one!


  4. Jun says:

    i found some drapes of my mom’s which would look perfect…i just need to know how to put it on without cutting of altering it.

  5. Xmcrx07 says:

    i found some drapes of my mom’s which would look perfect…i just need to know how to put it on without cutting of altering it.

  6. Dr. Clone says:

    My school is having a yoga dance on Friday night and I need to look super hot. How can I make a toga outfit that still looks sexy but also covers everything?

  7. Dixie says:

    The answers are on the inside of the cloth that he is constantly holding up, in order for it to look authentic. Later in the movie he comes back after graduating and is given the same test as an alumni; he is fed answers through an earpiece.

    this is all I can remember, Thanks!

  8. S0methingcreative says:

    I want to be egyptian for Halloween. I want to wrap some egyptian looking cloth around my body over tan pants and a shirt. Any suggestions? I just want a fairly easy way to wrap it, that looks egyptian.

  9. Tomorrow says:

    There are going to be 7 bridesmaids. Most of us are on the heavier side. And some of us are short. We won’t be wearing heels. So we need to find a dress style that looks good on “bigger” people. The bride wants the dress to the knee and no tube tops she wants straps.
    Pictures will help. Thanks!

  10. Missdashababy says:

    I have a project at school on the country Italy. Part of the project is to come into school wearing a costume relating to Italy. I have already thought of the paddler on the gondola, the Roman toga, and a Carnival costume. Any other ideas??

  11. Shiz_gizn_gar says:

    My friend just invited me to a toga party and I am WELL EXCITED!
    Problem is, how do girls wear togas? I want to look sexy :)
    Do you know where I can buy, or how I can make, a costume for this party?
    Thank you xxx

  12. Alka says:

    i have to make a chiton for a Greekfest at school and I wanna make mine to resemble Persephone so any ideas? Pictures would help too thanx(:

  13. Taubra says:

    I have to dress up as him for a history project but I don’t know what I should wear. Would a toga and a wreath be acceptable? By the way, I have a shaved head (3-3.5 or so) so is a wig something I’d need?

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