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Where Did Coco Chanel Go to School

You may have similar questions as Who Invented School and What Elemantary School Did Coco Chanel Go To,or you may also seek several useful information about What School Did Gabrielle Coco Chanel Go To. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to School Clipart,too. Read more as following:

For six years, Coco Chanel lived in and orphanage and went to school at the same Roman Catholic monastery of Aubazine in France. While there, she learn how to be a seamstress.

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Who Invented School?

It is not known who exactly invented school. They have been in existence since ancient times. Plato taught at an academy in ancient Greece in 387BC. … More »

What elemantary school did coco chanel go to?

the answer is st jonathons junior for girls…. More »

What school did gabrielle coco chanel go to?

johnathans school for girls…. More »

Where did Coco Chanel go to school?

Do you mean fashion school or regular school? She learned how to sew from nuns in the monestary she lived in (Roman Catholic monastery of Aubazine) Her relatives taught her how to sew and design better than the nuns did… More »

What schools coco chanel attend?

Her mother died when coco was 12, so she attented a catholic nunnery. xx… More »

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  1. Megz says:

    I have to do a report on Coco Chanel for school and I can’t find anywhere how many children Jeanne Devolle and Albert Chanel had.

  2. Terai says:

    We have to do a thing called night of the notables and I got Coco Chanel. I have everything down, I just don’t know how to dress like her, we’re not aloud to go and buy anything though, any ideas? Anything would help, thank you so much!

  3. Derpina says:

    I’m doing a project in school and I can’t use Wikipedia. I need a good cite with a lot of information on Coco Chanel.

  4. Dsfsdf says:

    ive got to do a factfile for a school project about coco chanel; what information should i include?

  5. David Clarke says:

    I want to become a successful fashion designer (like Coco Chanel, Donna Karan, or Marc Jacobs)/entrepenuer and make my own money! But where do I start? Okay, I draw my apparel on a sketchpad (CHECK), make my clothes (CHECK), and place them on the mannequin for fitting (CHECK), now what?

  6. September R says:

    Mine is between Organza by Givenchy & Coco Chanel. I just recently got a wif of Kimora Lee’s perfume for women and it was really good and different.

    Tell me yours I need a new scent in my life.

  7. Lindsey says:

    For a school project i have to research on coco chanel and ive searched on google but i still cant find anything? are there any super-chanel fans that can help me??
    she is a fashion designer, and her famous perfume is Chanel No. 5

  8. Satan says:

    I need a roast to introduce Coco Chanel at a banquet for school.
    Well, our school principal is a guy, but I really like the first part. What else can I say instead of school principal??

  9. Football Dude says:

    But don’t anything about it, meaning fashion designers?

    I took a fashion class at school and me and this other guy seemed to know who was who. My teacher played a slide of some popular designers, the only one everyone knew was Coco Chanel but they had no clue who Karl Lagerfeld was!

  10. Ismail says:

    I did, I did one on Nelson Mandela and one on Coco Chanel. Hardly anyone knew who she was lol.

  11. Lalala says:

    she is a senior in high school. what perfume can i not go wrong with? so do yall have any ideas? any other ideas for gifts are welcome too!

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