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how does alcohol affect the kidneys

You may have similar questions as How Does Alcohol Affect The Kidneys and How Alcohol Can Affect Your Kidneys,or you may also seek several useful information about Where Are the Kidneys Located. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Alcohol Effect the Liver or Kidney,too. Read more as following:

After awhile alcohol can cause your kidneys to shut down because it can no longer break down the chemicals that is used in alcohol. Drinking it once in awhile once your of age is ok, but if you are drink every night your body will soon become addicted.

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How does Alcohol Affect the Kidneys?

Alcohol affects the kidneys by killing off the cells and making it go into failure. You can shut down your kidneys and you’ll need a transplant in order to stay alive and off of dialysis…. More »

How alcohol can affect your kidneys?

Drinking alcohol can help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones…. More »

Where are your kidneys located?

Your kidneys are located on either side of your body about the waistline toward your back. If you have kidney problems, you have probably experienced some lower back pain…. More »

Why does alcohol affect your kidneys?

your kidneys filter your blood and when you drink alcohol it goes into your blood so there for not only do the kidneys have to filter the regular stuff but the alcohol also… More »

How Alcohol Affects the Body?

Alcohol slows down the central nervous system and blocks some of the messages from the body to the brain. In small amounts, it relaxes the body. In large amounts it can be very dangerous. … More »

How Alcohol Affects the Brain?

Alcohol will destroy the cells in your brain, the cells in your brain unlike other cells in you body do not regenerate. It kills the brain cells by contracting the brain tissue and depressing the central nervous system…. More »

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  1. Damon says:

    How does alcohol change the effectiveness of prescription medication, if at all?
    My husband takes multiple pills a day for his cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid and other issues yet he drinks on a daily basis.

  2. Rosie says:

    Hours of searching and I still haven’t got a one sentence answer for each thing.

    Just what they do SIMPLY and also, if you know, how alcohol affects these organs and the heart and lung.

  3. Cindy says:

    I know that if you drink more alcohol you will feel more drunk, but will you also be drunk for a longer period of time?
    What’s the physiological explanation?

  4. Ordog says:

    I run track for my college and I was wondering if drinking alcohol in moderate amounts a couple times a month will affect my running. I also do weight training and was wondering if alcohol affects that too.

  5. Brian Dejesus says:

    just asking how would alcohol affect your organs like liver kidneys etc.
    does it also depend on the age
    answer as fast as possible
    thankss XXX

  6. Joe C says:

    Okay, I’m not pregnant nor do I plan to be I was just wondering the affect that Cannabis would have on an unborn child?
    Along with smoking cigarettes and drinking.
    I know that smoking can decrease the oxygen that gets to the baby, so it’s heart has to work harder.


  7. Cameron Willoughby says:

    Well not just alcohol, anything. Doesn’t the body automatically go into ‘safe mode’(for a lack of a better word). Anytime you would overeat or drink wouldn’t you just vomit?

  8. Assistant Girl says:

    I was just wonder. How sensitive are your kidneys? Are they easily damaged?

  9. Ataru Moroboshi says:

    Just curious , I’m trying to cut back on alcohol and I just really want a beer . So I was thinking non alcoholic beer would be fine. But would want a second opinion .

  10. Liliana De La Serna says:

    My doctor recently informed me that I’m showing signs of end-stage liver disease and advised that I quit drinking alcohol completely. Unfortunately, this isn’t really an option for me at this point. How can I quit drinking while still partaking in alcohol?

    Thanks and God bless.

  11. Horses says:

    I am working on a project for biology :)

  12. Dramaqueen! says:

    What are the wrong decisions we are making that affect the excretory system? And how do they affect the excretory system?

  13. Omfgzzitsjessica says:

    I want to know the signs of alcohol taking effect on someones body who is lets say around 60? and could they die from it?

  14. Nevin Mansoor says:

    Okay, I’m not talking about Bud Light, I’m talking about an OATMEAL STOUT. And, if I only have one a day, what affect would this have on muscle recovery(bodybuilding)? I know that full-out drinking is horrible for muscle recovery, but what about just one oatmeal stout per day?

  15. Julius Seizure says:

    I know alcoholic beverages, drugs, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. affect all of the organ systems in someway but which one is affected the most?

  16. Arch Angel says:


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