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how to make the drug ice

You may have similar questions as How is the Drug Ice Produced and How To Make Ice Drug,or you may also seek several useful information about What does the Drug Ice Look Like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Drug Ice Ingredients,too. Read more as following:

Making the drug ice is illegal. The manufacturing of any drugs will land you with several felony charges and garner you some hefty prison time so I would advise against it.

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How is the Drug Ice Produced?

Ice is made in many different ways with many different dangerous chemical mixtures. Ingredients include cold tablets, alcohol, acetone, lithium, lye, sodium metal, and other disturbing things you wouldn’t want in your mouth. Ingredients are combined… More »

How to Make Ice Drug?

Ice is another name for the drug crystal meth. It is often made in makeshift labs, and it involves many chemicals. It is dangerous to make because you risk explosion when cooking these chemicals. To find more information click here:…. More »

What does the Drug Ice Look Like?

The drug ice is a street term for Meth. Meth looks like chunks of dirty ice or rock salt. When it is crushed it looks like white powder. … More »

How do you make the drug ice?

Ice is an advanced form of the drug crystal meth. It is formulated in laboratories. It is made from multiple chemicals, and is dangerous to make due to the chance of explosion…. More »

How Long does the Drug Ice Stay in Your System?

The drug ‘ice’ is actually the term used for crystal meth that is smoked in a pipe. It can stay in your system anywhere from 72 hours until almost 7 days with an average of 4 days. Best advice possible? Stay away from the drug!… More »

What drug is called ice?

Methamphetamines are produced as pills, powders, or chunky crystals called ice. ChaCha!… More »

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  1. Trace says:

    i have an assignment and i can’t find the alternative to the drug Ice…i hope you can help me

  2. Cameron Willoughby says:

    All the cool kids are doing it, they always say it is the best. I want to be cool should i do it so i can become cool and get a girlfriend. I am thinking weed then maybe something harder and maybe work up to the most super cool drug ice. What do you think? has it worked out for you?

  3. Shaina says:

    i know it kinda sounds stupid but i have heard so many things. Just for the record i DONT do ANY drugs, i just hear them talked about

  4. Halfdarainbow says:

    Just curious as to whether you could use nicotine gum to help drug addiction. I think it could keep your mind off craving drugs and help with withdrawal symptoms maybe? By drugs I mean illegal addictive drugs like ice, etc.

  5. Markcomrad says:

    when the drug ‘ice’ first spread in Sydney or well known by the people in Sydney?
    i don’t how to know exactly when, I’m just curious since people say it is a new drug.
    Approximately, around which year did the drug ice first spread in sydney

  6. Jade says:

    I see drugs for sale on the internet that are equivalent to drugs that require prescription in the US. Is this lawful? If not, what law enforcement agency would like to know about it?

  7. Respect983 says:

    I’m getting a marilyn monroe piercing and I’m fine with pain but I have a really bad phobia with needles, so what drug would be the best to take?

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