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what are slang names for valium

You may have similar questions as What Is Valium Used for and How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System,or you may also seek several useful information about What Does Valium Look like. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Different Slang Names for Marijuana,too. Read more as following:

Some slang terms for Valium are ludes, drunk pills or V pills. Some people simply call them blues as well. Valium is only a legal drug if it has been prescribed to you.

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What is Valium used for?

Valium (diazepam) is used to treat anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, or muscle …… More »

How Long does Valium Stay in Your System?

If you take the oral form of Valium it will stay in the system for 2-3hrs, intramuscularly it will last 30-90 min., intraveneously it will last 15-60 min. Another factor would depend upon the age of the person since as we age our bodies don’t metabol… More »

What does Valium Look Like?

When a doctor gives you a prescription for the drug Valium, the pill can look one of two ways. The 5MG tablets are yellow in color and have Valium written on them. When you are prescribed 10MG tablets they are blue in color and also have the drug nam… More »

When is Valium Prescribed?

Valium tends to be a anti anxiety medicaine that used to be alot more highly prescribed 20 years ago as it is now. It is relativly mild and just has a bit of a calming effect on you…. More »

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  1. Shobzone says:

    i’m doing a project on it but me and my partner are having troubles finding out the information. i need a list of abused prescription pills names and the street names for them. can you guys give me any links or names for any pills?

  2. Kome says:

    For example xanax are bars or ladders for the 2mg, but what are blues, roxy’s, 30′s etc? i know its something to do with percocet and oxycodone. Anybody know the content and dosage amount?

  3. Mallory Molenda says:

    I need a list of slang names of this drug. Gives as many as you can. the more the better! TY again!=D

  4. Asperger says:

    words for them. It’s kinda aggravating, and I’d rather not get weird looks when asking “What is ____?”

  5. Aslfuh says:

    What is the history of Tranquilizers(drug)? is it a mainstream drug?
    What are the long term effects? Does it have any medical uses? What are the law & regulations of using or having this specific drug in your possession?

  6. Kelley says:

    Is the “The Ebony Clubs” a good band name? Ebony is another word for black so it would be like Black Clubs. Get it? Like in a deck of cards. We think that ebony spades would be racist because spade used to be a racial slur.

  7. Hasib Mustafa says:
  8. Ruth Juliana says:

    What do doctors give people to subdue them ?
    Like in the TV shoes/movies when a crazy person is running around.

    e.g. sarah conor in terminator 2

  9. Thezombiewarrior!! says:


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